February 2019

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusReady, Set, GrowTalon Innovations/Ichor Precision Machining

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Ready, Set, Grow

Talon Innovations/Ichor Precision Machining

Four years ago, Business in Focus explored the world of semiconductors through the lens of Minnesota-based Talon Innovations, a manufacturer of machined parts and complex assemblies for semiconductor tools. At the time, the company had been on a steady growth path with a plan to fully execute an acquisition, after which it would focus on the two primary goals of diversification and added capacity. We recently touched base with this ambitious company to see if it achieved its goals and find out what its plans are for 2019 and beyond.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusWhere the Sky Is the LimitQuadbridge

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Where the Sky Is the Limit


In 2007, a group of IT professionals in Montreal, Quebec decided to launch a full-service IT solutions business that focused on value-added, engaged client services for mid- to large-sized businesses around Canada and the United States. The company, Quadbridge Inc., has experienced 2,100 percent growth in the last five years and is partnered with many of the technology industry’s major players – including Microsoft, HP, and Lenovo – while also serving its community through giving back.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusEvolving with the TimesMathews Company

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Evolving with the Times

Mathews Company

Back in June of 2015, I had the pleasure of speaking with Joseph Shulfer, President of Mathews Company, a grain dryer specialist that has helped farmers by making their lives easier. We touched on challenges that include global economics and the price of corn. When last we spoke there was an issue surrounding Section 179 capital equipment depreciation. But Joseph was unable to gauge its effects as there were other issues within the industry that were more dominant. We caught up with him again to find out about the company’s progress.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusUnique Welding Technology Allow Small Firm to Punch above Its CompetitorsDyna Torque

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Unique Welding Technology Allow Small Firm to Punch above Its Competitors

Dyna Torque

Dyna Torque Technologies, Inc. is a Texas company with pipe welding products that continue to solve the increasing quality and safety needs of the market. The Houston-based firm’s proprietary LoneStar automated welding system uses internal microprocessor technology and leading-edge software to solve many of the pipe welding requirements of today’s Oil and Gas industry by reducing defects, controlling labor costs and increasing overall quality while providing increased workplace safety, to name a few advantages.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusDriven by ExperienceTrans-United

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Driven by Experience


To maintain a business over time is no mean feat. To keep it on the road, weathering financial and national crises for fifty-four years, is something even beyond that. Specialist hauling company Trans-United was started in 1964, in Burns Harbor, Indiana. The company now operates in forty-eight U.S. states, Canada, and internationally.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusBringing Calm to the ChaosFreightsaver

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Bringing Calm to the Chaos


Huntington Beach, California is where you will find the head offices of Freightsaver. The company acts as a freight brokerage, the middleman between the shipper and carrier. Therefore, it owns no equipment to move shipments but instead manages the logistics behind that goal, going that extra mile and doing things that larger entities avoid. Cloud-based technology has greatly added to its abilities, and despite multiple challenges, Freightsaver is growing. We spoke to its Executive Vice President of Sales Jay Hughitt.


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