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Atlas Trucking is a privately owned transportation company located in Taylor, Michigan. With 170 employees and a fleet of over 130 flatbeds, it has been delivering solutions in the transportation industry since 1999, operating as a trucking, logistics and fleet servicing company, with expertise in managing, dispatching and driving shipments of any size. It is plated to operate in every one of the 48 contiguous United States, with most of its trucks going in and out of the Midwest, the Northeast, Texas and Ontario.

About three-quarters of Atlas Trucking’s business is in steel, but it also delivers other metals, heavy haul, automotive, building materials, manufacturing and robotics. It is able to handle freights of all sizes, even loads too big for a conventional trailer.

By staying current with modern technology, and applying its two decades of shipping experience, Atlas is able to find reliable solutions to just about any problem of getting from here to there.

Since its inception, Atlas Trucking has expanded to include two other companies, to accommodate the growing demand for its services and expertise: Atlas Logistics and Atlas Fleet Services. Logistics monitors and strategizes Atlas’ fleet, as well as owner-operatored vehicles working under contract for Atlas. Fleet Services is an impressive 70,000 square foot shop for any trucker in need of service for their truck or trailer.

Started in 2003, Atlas Logistic has built a strategic network of carriers across the United States and Canada to handle common and contract carrier freights. It provides logistics for Atlas Trucking Company and third-party operators.

Atlas Logistics works with a large variety of shippers, in order match client’s needs. While its expertise is in over-the-road shipments, its brokerage staff are also experienced in cargo transportation – on the ground, in the air or over water. In other words, regardless of the origin or destination of your shipment, Atlas can handle it.

Not only can Atlas transport just about anything, it is well-versed in working with just-in-time production schedules. Its wide network of preferred carrier partners means there’s always a truck available to get your shipments to their destination, on-time.

Its extensive carrier base helps to provide additional support for its customers’ wide variety of open-deck, van, specialized and intermodal freight needs. Atlas does this by incorporating new technology such as McLeod Loadmaster Transportation Management software to efficiently track and schedule every single shipment.

Real-time updates are shared through its integrated systems and shipping paperwork is uploaded in real time through the Atlas Mobile App and into McLeod TMS by the order number, making it easy for customers to track as well.

In 2019 Atlas is taking the technology a step beyond, finding the fastest and most efficient routes. Most trucking telematics are able to give a moment-by-moment replay of a driver’s actions – whether it’s speeding, lane departures or hard braking. Traditional telematics can show what the driver did, but doesn’t give the context – what was the driver seeing and reacting to in that moment.

Atlas uses SmartDrive, a technology developed to provide accurate details of truckers driving. Like other telematics, it is smart enough to be able to predict if a driver is fatigued, or engaging in any risky driving and can also identify its best and safest drivers. What’s unique about SmartDrive is its use of cameras.

SmartDrive’s merger of cameras and traditional telematic data provides a complete picture of what has transpired. It can help to highlight really good driving, as well as dangerous driving, and help to pinpoint causes and solutions. Giving drivers a full-view of the road and handling of the truck is extremely useful in training.

SmartDrive helps Atlas prevent bad driving by analyzing and reporting aberrant or riskier driving behaviors in the fleet, so that drivers can get better training. The ability to teach drivers using a comprehensive analytic tool that reads input in the truck as well as a visual picture is paramount, and ensures that drivers are more prepared before putting them behind the wheel. The camera system and recorded footage can also help to settle any disputes, in any unfortunate cases of accidents.

If an accident occurs, the cameras and telematics can show in great detail what the trucker was seeing and doing, and can also show the behavior of other vehicles. Drivers are excited to use SmartDrive in order to improve their own driving, while adding an extra layer of protection.

Atlas Trucking has also partnered with ProTread, an interactive trucking training company that delivers top-notch training to drivers in areas such as speed and space management.

Further driving home their focus on safety, Atlas Trucking understands the importance of the trucks themselves, and the condition in which they are kept – and what better way is there to ensure trucks and trailers are in top shape than building your own servicing facility?

Atlas Fleet Services is a full-service truck and trailer maintenance and repair shop operated in Taylor, Michigan. The 73,000 square foot repair facility has room to house many trucks and trailers, of all different sizes. Its four post lifts can hold up to 40,000 pounds.

And, most importantly, it’s always open; 24-hours per day, the facility ensures vehicles in need of maintenance are taken care of. With around the clock accessibility, customers in the metropolitan Detroit area are able to get back to work as quickly and safely as possible. For quick jobs, typically taking four-hours or less, Atlas has a comfortable Driver’s Lounge with a couple of giant couches, refreshments and a TV to help drivers relax while they wait.

Headed by a master mechanic and an incredible team, it can perform anything from preventative maintenance to major repairs on a wide variety of trucks and trailers. Atlas Fleet Services can even work on auxiliary power units and its mechanics can repair and install APUs. It also does fabrications, from general welding to custom fabrication and installations. With a well-stocked parts department that can even cut and assemble custom hydraulic lines and fittings.

Atlas Fleet Services is conveniently located for truck routes between Detroit, Ann Arbor, Toledo and beyond.

Atlas Trucking is a great company if you need reliable delivery in Canada or the United States. With the use of Atlas Logistics, products can be shipped anywhere in the continent through its preferred network of thousands of carriers and operator-owned trucks. Atlas Fleet Services ensures trucks on the road are in excellent condition, regardless of affiliation.

Wherever you need your freight shipped, count on Atlas Trucking to get it there.



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