Leading The Solar Revolution Through Technological Evolution

SunSpark Technology Inc.
Written by Jessica Ferlaino

SunSpark Technology Inc., otherwise referred to as SunSpark USA, is a leading solar panel manufacturer that is making its mark on the North American solar market. Its mission is to make solar more accessible to consumers by sustainably producing and integrating panels in new, innovative and exciting ways.

With SunSpark, solar isn’t just the future, it’s the now. This sentiment permeates the hearts and minds of its employees, its clients and its partners, and creates a culture where people truly believe in solar and renewable energy.

Solar, by its very nature as a renewable resource, is communal in nature and is meant for everyone to enjoy and benefit from, however this is not the case. Where monopolies control markets, a lack of competition keeps prices artificially high. As a result, this creates a barrier for those who cannot afford solar but are most likely to benefit from it.

SunSpark and its partners are doing all they can to change that. “We believe in climate change and changing the future for everyone down the road,” said Letty Zuniga, who is tasked with regional business development for SunSpark. “It’s not just about saving money, but it’s about saving future generations.”

SunSpark serves a real purpose in the market; that is what it set out to do when it was established by its parent company, Yiheng Science and Technology Co. Ltd., which is based in Qinhuangdao, China. Yiheng is a solar panel equipment manufacturer that has established itself as a globally recognized brand.

SunSpark was established in California as part of Yiheng’s global expansion strategy to proximately serve the North American market. In a relatively short time, it has become a major competitor in a solar industry, finding itself amongst some of the biggest names and well known players in the market.

“SunSpark is not a household name, per se, but our products compare head to head with international market manufacturers in durability, quality and performance. The only difference is that it is made domestically here in America,” Zuniga explained.

While SunSpark’s roots are in China, it is proud to be homegrown in the United States, supporting job creation and the green economy, helping its clients and their end-users, as well as the greater population, to create a greener domestic footprint in North America.

Compared to its competition, Zuniga explained, “We’re fairly small scale and that gives us the flexibility and a more personalized customer service experience for our customers,” doing so with an utmost commitment to transparency.

In fact, SunSpark takes every opportunity to open its doors to its clients, including hosting school tours and serving as a learning facility where its photovoltaic (PV) modules can shine. Having its entire operations under one roof provides an interesting perspective and shows how custom solar products are made from conception, through the design phase and eventually into production.

Through a partnership with 3 IN 1 ROOF, one of three players in the integrated roofing system market, and one of two competitors whose product has passed UL 1703 testing, and arguably the most energy efficient system, SunSpark is pushing the boundaries for what is possible in solar roofing.

SunSpark was chosen as their module manufacturer for all introductory sales and installations. 3 IN 1’s integrated solar roofing systems is the only offering that is truly integrated and not simply built into an existing roofing system. It boasts a thick three-pound foam embodiment which serves to eliminate rooftop solar gains from entering the structure, thus reducing reliance on air condition units.

Likewise, the roofing tiles are High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) approved and can withstand over fifty repeated “Class-4” pinpoint impacts before its underlayment is compromised, meaning it can be traversed without causing damage to the module and is Title-24 code compliant.

With a lifetime warranty, near one-fifth crystalline solar efficiency, and ease of installation and retro-fit, 3 IN 1 ROOF’s solar roofing system is considered best-in-class and is redefining what is possible in solar roofing from both a performance and aesthetic point of view.

“This is a superior product. It’s going to integrate directly into your roof which means it’s a roof tile, essentially replacing your roof,” explained Zuniga. The product competes on price, performance and degree of integration.

SunSpark has also worked with All Earth Renewables out of Vermont to produce a highly unique offering that can follow the sun for optimal exposure and superior output. According to Zuniga, “We are one of the first solar companies to actually UL certify a solar panel that’s on a tracking system with the design of a flower,” which is both visually and functionally innovative.

When asked what sets SunSpark apart from its competitors, Zuniga responded, “Customers look to us for projects no one else will touch.” She added, “When people think about solar, they think of standard PV modules that stick out about two to three inches,” which is not the case for the projects SunSpark undertakes.

SunSpark continues to work with its customers to develop new, innovative solar devices with higher wattages and improved performance. Its exceptional culture, internal capabilities, the ability to deliver custom solutions and the capacity to support them, regardless of how complex or innovative they may be, is what sets it apart in the market. And certified to ISO 900, 14000 and 18000 standards, the quality of SunSpark’s output is second-to-none.

For two years, the company ranked in the top ten for DNV-GL’s PV Module Reliability Test, where it found itself amongst the top solar companies from around the world, including customers of its parent company.

“That is very prestigious for us because we are a smaller company but yet we are listed on this report with some of the largest solar manufacturers around the world,” says Zuniga. “Everyone here really believes in renewable energy which makes it much easier to work with all these standards.”

Standards internally drive quality and competitiveness, but for SunSpark, standards and legislation that are being introduced externally are also helping to drive growth for the company. For example, the rooftop solar mandate in California that will require new homes to integrate solar panels starting in 2020 represents a significant opportunity for the company, its partners like 3 IN 1 ROOF, and the solar industry in general.

SunSpark cultivates the notion that renewable energy really matters, and it is well positioned to make its mark on the industry in that regard, leading by example and solid principles. “SunSpark is a great place to work,” says Zuniga. “The company has visions for the future and the owners truly believe in renewable energy,” and these principles trickle down through every layer of the organization.

As one of North America’s premier solar panel manufacturers, SunSpark is not only here to stay, but it is here to play, prepared to compete with some of the largest competitors in the market. Building on highly competitive products and rock-solid client relationships, it has leveraged its innovation and capacity to deliver on even the most complex, custom projects; it has found a way to shine bright.

As a relatively new name, but with decades of experience backing it, SunSpark aims to reign supreme in the solar market, and in doing so, it will reinforce the global dialogue when it comes to solar and renewable energy. Though its operations are small, they are quite scalable. SunSpark is poised for growth, and will continue to bring exceptional solar solutions to the market, making solar more affordable and more accessible for all in the process.



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