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Constant Technologies
Written by Pauline Muller

The question is, who has command and control of mission-critical Operations centers? The answer seems to be Constant Technologies. At least, a roll-call of the world’s most demanding clients believe it, from the U.S. Government to some of the greatest technology corporations.

Creating highly complex, mission-critical centers, this global systems integration leader doubled its revenue to US$50 million in only two years.

“We’ve had a terrific run. We’ve literally doubled in size of revenue since we spoke last [in late 2018]. It’s been an exciting ride,” says Brad Righi, President. “This feat was achieved by reinvesting in our talented work force, penetrating deep into our existing client base and diving into new mission critical markets.”

But this was no overnight success. The team worked hard over several years to build on its 20 percent year-on-year growth. Much of its initial expansion is attributed to global clients with multiple-site operations, allowing Constant to become a long term partner, rather than a single-use vendor, thanks to its great value proposition and trustworthy technical support services.

And while these clients still represent a large part of its market share, an interesting evolution is taking place. Recently, the company has entered previously unexplored territory. The latest in marketing and branding strategies and technology have enabled the company to enter a new niche: operations centers that monitor customer feedback and brand sentiment across the internet and social media.

A relatively new phenomenon, big brands are setting up mission critical ops centers where brand mentions and customer feedback are monitored. And Constant Technologies is their partner of choice for integrating the technology that makes it all possible.

Traditionally, Constant Technologies specializes in sophisticated mission critical operation center integration all over the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and wherever it’s needed, enabling its clients to operate every hour, every day of the year.

Interestingly, Constant Technologies’ capabilities are not only prized by emergency-service operators and first responders like fire services and police forces, but also by global industry giants like Facebook, Citibank, GE, and most Fortune 100 companies. They all have one thing in common, however. They depend on the company for its expertise in video wall system integration and console furniture solutions.

The company is especially favored for its skills in integrating spaces such as network operations and security operations centers. Its work in this field helps organizations respond rapidly to everything from security breaches to improving response time for critically injured patients. In addition, the company provides operations technology for U.S. military branches in ensuring national security.

With technology selected from carefully vetted vendors, Constant Technologies’ teams create customized audiovisual solutions for round-the-clock spaces. These demanding environments are in charge of critical processes such as providing network safety and stability and the prevention of information breaches, so it’s important that each element of the AV system is held to the highest standard.

The North Kingstown, Rhode Island company’s superb skills in this type of protection are rooted in a process called redundancy. Specific elements in each system are duplicated, preventing data loss and outages. This makes the company’s services particularly useful in creating 24/7-ready real-time crime and cyber security centers, among other applications.

This sort of extreme technology, which must endure constant use, requires seasoned experts to provide turn-key installations that put functionality first. Customers’ needs are considered every step of the way – from spatial and workflow design to the technology that is used. “What makes us most recognizable globally is that we are the only ones specializing in these complex mission-critical, audiovisual environments,” says Righi.

The complex task of designing and installing mission critical centers includes global planning and meticulous execution backed up by expertly planned systems integration. The result is trustworthy operations center that is robust enough to handle 24/7 action, whether saving lives or protecting information and assets.

The installations come complete with full support service options, fully-integrated fail-over systems, guaranteed uptime, and a unique project management model, which has been one of Constant Technologies’ greatest successes.

The company’s method of navigating new projects blends long sales cycles with the construction process by appointing a single, dedicated team that takes care of each project’s full life cycle from concept through completion.

Customers have one team to take care of every complex detail rather than having to deal with the frustration of multiple teams and inevitable delays. The process is streamlined to the maximum, supported by familiar faces who clearly understand the scope of the demands that will be put on each system.

The company’s services include a thorough, free, initial design analysis of each facility’s floor plans and the desired outcome, utilized to guide clients through possible solutions.

Design details and logistics are then precision-planned, with expert technicians to execute quality control before shipping out the components. Installation follows. The on-site installation is streamlined as the pre-tested systems are assembled by Constant’s skilled technicians, rather than built from scratch or by contractors unfamiliar with the design.

Well-versed in international logistics, Constant Technologies also handles foreign labor coordination on behalf of its clients. Notorious for being a particular weakness with many contractors, this is a skill often undervalued – usually until much later in the process when unnecessary strains, stresses, and mistakes multiply. Constant’s experience in this arena allows for a smooth installation process.

The conclusion of a client’s project is marked by the company’s international after-sales team stepping up with continued support alongside its tech support group. Efficiency is key, and the people of Constant Technologies go to extremes to ensure that its teams are empowered to deliver top-quality service to their valued clients.

In business for decades, the company evolved alongside the world of advancing operations center technology and client needs. Considering its revolutionary approach to handling team dynamics, the company’s incredible growth suddenly makes sense.

We, as an organization, collaborate so well together to find the right solution for our clients,” says Righi. “Our people take exceptional pride in their work. In return, we provide an exciting work environment and value freedom and a work-life balance,” he adds.

Looking at the growth and successes of the past two years, it quickly becomes clear that Constant Technologies’ success pivots on this balanced approach to business.

By taking care of its renowned group of industry-leading employees, this company landed itself the honor of providing audiovisual integration and custom console furniture for what is recognized as America’s largest hospital mission control room at AdventHealth. From here, patients and movements can be tracked and their status monitored from the initial point of contact with first responders to the moment they exit their medical facility’s system.

The project was spearheaded by the mission-control medical director of AdventHealth, Sanjay Pattani. The center, in central Florida, handles medical functions among a network of nine hospital campuses. Constant Technologies worked alongside GE Healthcare Partners to create this historical first.

The next-generation facility boasts 75 work stations, 60 video wall tile displays, and a footprint of 12,500 square feet. The command center also uses artificial intelligence to predict and adapt its capacity to provide the best care for patients on demand.

Constant Technologies’ growth is further reflected in having headquarters that recently doubled in size. Its offices were given a complete overhaul to promote more efficient collaboration between teams. It also added a brand new, state-of-the-art control center on site for the benefit of both new and existing clients.

Having its own command center not only allows the company’s teams to better provide service and support for existing clients’ centers, but also allows prospective customers to see how a fully-operational mission critical center functions and what the company is capable of.

Being the best in its field, globally – and regarded as such – has brought a great many rewards. Quite unexpectedly, some unlikely new developments in the field of mission critical have turned out to be the start of the company’s next great leap toward expansion.

In the past few years, Constant Technologies has entered into new vertical markets where previously mission critical centers had not been before. With the growing importance of cyber security and social media monitoring, as well as a growing demand for hospital command centers, many organizations are recognizing the need for the type of 24/7 monitoring hubs that Constant offers.

With the technology advancing at breathtaking speed, some of the most exciting elements of the company’s ever-evolving mandate include increased capabilities for critical information sharing via innovative audiovisual systems. Multi-site capabilities are an increasingly important component for operations centers in organizations with several sites.

“Customers with multi national or regional operations in various locations abroad want to share information in real-time. That technology is really advancing and it is in high demand,” says Righi.

As the demands for Constant Technologies’ work increases, especially in India, Latin America and the Pacific Rim, its mantra remains the same – maintaining quality excellence, exceeding customer expectations. We shall be following its stellar growth with anticipation.



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