February 2020

A Healthy Company with a Hands-On ApproachNoble Foods

A Healthy Company with a Hands-On Approach

Noble Foods

Eric Kimmel is the first to say there’s plenty of competition in the nutrition food bar manufacturing business, be it natural, organic, functional, healthy, or diet, but the co-owner of Quebec’s Noble Foods has managed to successfully carve out a particular niche in the medium-sized manufacturing market, delivering superior service for customers needing hands-on involvement, quality control and company growth.

Immersive AudiovisualsMcCann Systems

Immersive Audiovisuals

McCann Systems

Leveraging the latest technology, New Jersey-based company McCann Systems is the market leader in immersive audiovisual environments with experiential installations that draw, dazzle, and enfold users around the world.

From Mood Rings to Big GrowthMetro Plastics Technologies

From Mood Rings to Big Growth

Metro Plastics Technologies

Now approaching its forty-fifth anniversary, Metro Plastics Technologies, Inc. of Noblesville, Indiana owes much of its initial success to a goofy disco-era fashion trend involving rings with acrylic stones that changed color. However, the company’s long-term success comes from doing excellent work, offering an array of custom injection molding services, and maintaining strong customer relations.

Banking, TransformedThe Implications of AI on the Financial Sector

Banking, Transformed

The Implications of AI on the Financial Sector

In years past, going to the bank was no casual chore. Banks then were housed in imposing stone structures with columns suited to a family mausoleum. Beloved Canadian author and humourist Stephen Leacock captured the intimidating banking experience in his short story My Financial Career. “When I go into a bank I get rattled,” he wrote. “The clerks rattle me; the wickets rattle me; the sight of the money rattles me; everything rattles me.”

Ohio-Based, Globally Positioned

Ohio-Based, Globally Positioned

Randy Horvat founded Cleveland Metal Exchange (CME) in 1994 to broker secondary stainless-steel materials to manufacturers in sectors where small defects didn’t matter. Today, CME’s offerings are far greater – a small but dynamic and effective player amongst industry big boys.

The Steam ExpertsBoiler Equipment Company

The Steam Experts

Boiler Equipment Company

In the middle of winter, a truck washing facility in Illinois was forced to halt its services. One of its high-pressure vessels had quit and was beyond repair. A full installation would take at least a week. Panicked staff members were on the phone with an installation company they had worked with in the past, desperate to get things working again.

In Its Humble Way, This Company Moves North AmericaPECO Pallet

In Its Humble Way, This Company Moves North America

PECO Pallet

The almost invisible pallet literally carries and transports so much of North American manufacturing output. And PECO Pallet ensures that today’s pallet is always available – on time, safe, and repaired to the highest quality standards – from a vast depot network. That’s why it leads in Canada too.

Hotel Management ReimaginedMairet Hotels

Hotel Management Reimagined

Mairet Hotels

Mairet Hotels, based in British Colombia’s provincial capital of Victoria on Vancouver Island, provides bespoke Canadian hospitality management to hotel properties in British Columbia and Alberta and is now positioned to share its expertise with the wider hospitality community.

Reaching New Heights Under New ManagementHotel Henri

Reaching New Heights Under New Management

Hotel Henri

Hotel Henri is a boutique hotel in the crossroads between the Chelsea, Flatiron, and Gramercy neighborhoods of New York City, and has been making its presence known since 2008. The hotel is very close to many notable corporate and leisure destinations in New York City, and Hotel General Manager Kevin McCue feels that the hotel has a geographical advantage over many others in the area because it is more centrally located, and within mere blocks of sights like Madison Square Garden, Times Square, Union Square, the High Line and Madison Square Parks, and attractive shopping locations on 5th and 6th Avenues (the hotel itself is on 24th Street).

A Model For Rural Economic DevelopmentOconto County Economic Development Corporation

A Model For Rural Economic Development

Oconto County Economic Development Corporation

The past few years have been quite the journey for the Oconto County Economic Development Corporation of Wisconsin. The organization has fine-tuned its plans for economic health, Fab Labs are starting to make an impact, and the feasibility study has produced some excellent information that is being used so effectively that other similar rural EDCs are taking notice. Once again, we had the privilege of speaking with Oconto County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Paul W. Ehrfurth.

Opportunities and InfrastructureHempstead County, AR

Opportunities and Infrastructure

Hempstead County, AR

At the dawn of 2020, our globalized economy means that reinvigorating the American manufacturing sector is more important than ever. Hempstead County, Arkansas and its county seat Hope provide rich opportunities for manufacturing development. The Hempstead County Economic Development Corporation (HCEDC) is working to augment economic opportunities in the region.

Bursting with PotentialSuwannee County Economic Development

Bursting with Potential

Suwannee County Economic Development

There are many stakeholders that work together to drive economic growth and community development in Suwannee County, Florida. One of them is the Suwannee County Economic Development Office, an organization that is doing all it can to ensure the natural endowments of the area are leveraged and protected to reinforce quality of life and foster prosperity for all.

Playing the Long Game for Workforce DevelopmentGraves County Economic Development

Playing the Long Game for Workforce Development

Graves County Economic Development

With its logistically ideal central location in Western Kentucky, access to three inland ports, and short, one-day drive to the majority of the U.S. population, Graves County Economic Development works to not only support its local industry by creating economic growth, but also bring growth to the region through expansion, attraction and retention, positioning itself as a first resource, or “concierge service” for businesses.



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