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McCann Systems
Written by Pauline Muller

Leveraging the latest technology, New Jersey-based company McCann Systems is the market leader in immersive audiovisual environments with experiential installations that draw, dazzle, and enfold users around the world.

McCann Systems set trends rather than following in a wake, and are well-known for creating irresistible technology spaces with advanced audiovisuals. They are setting the marketing campaigns and unified communications of many large companies alight with powerful new possibilities.

By the looks of it, the world is catching on. The company made an indelible mark on the global audiovisual industry with the award-winning and world-famous video canvas at 150 North Riverside, Chicago, in 2017, and have only increased their experiential portfolio from there.

Headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, and with six offices nationwide, McCann Systems is the American-based whiz kid of fine pitch, direct-view LED design and installation. This, combined with professional audio capabilities, has made McCann the service provider of choice of at least sixteen Fortune 100 companies.

McCann is also particularly known for their recent work in the casino and sportsbook industries. With over a decade of experience in the field, the company’s exciting and fearless approach to these immersive audiovisual displays fully represents their reputation as the market leader in casino and sportsbook technology.

Inventive at the core
McCann Systems love nothing more than an impossible job – and the results draw new customers from all over the world. The company is known for taking on tough projects that others hesitate to even design, let alone build, install, and teach the client how to use the new AV system.

While many regard this trait as somewhere between heroic and crazy, McCann’s confidence seems to be solidly based on a technically brilliant team capable of delivering success to difficult projects. With their enthusiasm and savvy creative energy, the team pride themselves on having the most knowledgeable and professionally certified staff in the industry. For McCann Systems, the more creatively challenging a project is, the better.

It requires trust to maintain a reputation like this, and McCann has just that – serving clients in the financial services, education, healthcare, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, entertainment, and IT technology markets. Most of McCann Systems’ clients are return customers, leaning on the success of previous projects and trusting McCann to future-proof their offices.

McCann Systems also assists firms in creating internal collaboration platforms that maximize and streamline their sales and marketing efforts. These unified communications are a strength of McCann Systems, recently completing work for some of the biggest companies in the world, including Nasdaq, Akamai, and Coca-Cola.

McCann Systems’ U.S. offices include Edison, New Jersey, Hartford, Connecticut, Boston, Massachusetts, Charlotte, North Carolina, St. Louis, Missouri, and Las Vegas, Nevada. They also have onsite staffers at companies around the country and remote service support in other regions. This logistics footprint allows McCann to move with great speed and agility – traits that are often lacking in many companies of its kind. It is not just North American clientele who swear by McCann’s business style; McCann Systems travels the world to serve core clients across South America, Europe, and Asia.

Unrelenting client support
“Our philosophy is the customer always comes first. Our goal is to ‘take the pain away’. It seems pretty simple but if you look around, true customer-first service is becoming less [the norm nowadays],” says Josh Bittner, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

By first deeply understanding their clients’ needs and goals, the company’s technical teams can follow up with confident, comprehensive game plans. And while every office has its own people, the company cultivates an encompassing team spirit that drives collaboration across office borders, spurring cross-pollination of ideas. Achieving the best results for the customer is the only acceptable outcome.

This culture of collaboration extends to customers’ teams. Far from imposing their own methods on clients, McCann prefers to be flexible to integrate seamlessly into clients’ existing systems (or rebuild new ones) to achieve quality outcomes. The approach has succeeded to the point of igniting tremendous growth for both McCann Systems and their clients since 1996.

Dynamic leadership
The company was founded in 1996 when the multi-talented Frank McCann, originally from Ireland, turned his artistic and business flair towards a venture of his own. The perfect opportunity came knocking during his time in commercial audiovisual integration in New York.

Today, McCann is legendary for his work-hard-play-hard approach that has seen many 100-hour workweeks culminate in extraordinary results. His dynamic personality and passion for the industry have become one of the company’s greatest calling cards.

Much of the company’s success comes from the drive to stay on top of the technology curve. It is owner and founder Frank McCann who shows his team how to turn technology into the creative magic that is the company’s signature. “Most of the credit belongs with Frank McCann. He is a visionary in the industry and has been for many years. Frank is a very creative person in general and is always a few steps ahead,” says Bittner.

The result is that, at McCann Systems, there is no such thing as ‘can’t.’ McCann himself is known to encourage bold creativity from the regional teams without hesitation – perhaps because he has more than enough creativity to spare himself.

Team members are encouraged to deal with fear of the unknown by turning it into an opportunity for creativity, the engine that drives the company’s culture. Teams push the boundaries of the freshest technology and design as a matter of course, fueling innovation and their next great success.

Fueled by creativity
As McCann Systems runs on creativity, much depends on understanding that non-stop lateral thinking and conceptualizing can be draining on the teams. And hatching great ideas doesn’t always fit neatly within office hours.

As such, McCann Systems takes special care to ensure that the company’s creative minds get the relaxation they need to keep life interesting, energetic, and fun. “We keep a close eye on the number of hours and travel our people are responsible for. When they come back from a long trip, we’ll give them additional time to decompress and ensure that they bounce back fresh,” says Bittner.

This concern goes further – encouraging some down time for passionate team members who would habitually work 24/7 if left unchecked. Bittner unapologetically calls himself the weekend e-mail police, pushing colleagues to spend quality time where it matters – with family. While this shift from traditional company behavior may seem counter-intuitive, the result is McCann Systems’ incredible success story.

“The senior leadership team focuses a great deal on culture. [They] make sure employees are not overworked or abused by the rigors of our business. We want happy, motivated people interacting with our customers,” Bittner says. Take note, students of business – a company that promotes empathy and motivation in its culture receives peak performance in return.

It’s no surprise, then, that McCann’s leadership believes that its greatest strength is its people – over 140 of the industry’s best.

Key projects
With so much going for the company and their teams, 2019 was a milestone year. Some of their most fabulous projects to date came to fruition, including award-winning casino and sportsbook installations The LINQ in Las Vegas, Turning Stone Resort in New York, and Ocean Casino Resort and Wild Wild West in Atlantic City. New Jersey also welcomed the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center and the Turtle Back Zoo – these clients have already seen ROI on their partnership with McCann.

The achievement of the year, however, was the installation in a corporate tower in Cambridge, Massachusetts that features over 350 conference rooms – an incredible feat of engineering and logistics by McCann Systems and their largest project to date by square feet and revenue.

The company has received several awards in the last two years. The LINQ project in Las Vegas secured it the System Contractor Install of the Year award as well as Ocean Casino Resort winning the Commercial Integrators Best Casino Project for 2019. This was preceded in 2018 by the Digital Signage Expo’s Installation of the Year and the Society for Experiential Graphic Designs (SEGD) Global Design awards, achieved mainly for its work on the 150 Media Stream, which received international acclaim.

For this team, it is not all about chasing the next big project. The company shares their abundance, generously. McCann Systems supports organizations such as the American Heart Association, Make a Wish Foundation, St Jude, and March of Dimes, and donates an annual scholarship towards higher STEM education.

Looking forward
Moving into 2020, Bittner forecasts an increase in personal devices entering the commercial arena as companies simplify employee training and save money.

“We will continue to see hardware and software costs decrease and professional services increase as companies adopt a cloud-first strategy and look to outsource IT services,” he says.

This, alongside the company’s expanding list of rave reviews, spells sustained organic growth for McCann Systems. With their enthusiasm and savvy creative energy, McCann Systems carry themselves proudly and are confident in their client-first approach.



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