2020 | In Focus | November 2020Pick, Pack, Perfect – Robotic Automation That DeliversBerkshire Grey

2020 | In Focus | November 2020

Pick, Pack, Perfect – Robotic Automation That Delivers

Berkshire Grey

Omnichannel has changed the way we shop forever, a reality that was cemented this year as millions of consumers turned to online shopping to avoid exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Social distancing and reduced store hours have accelerated eCommerce and alternative digital shopping methods such as curbside pickup, Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPIS), and new home delivery options to transform retail customer experiences.

2020 | In Focus | October 2020 | Workforce & Economic DevelopmentFinding New Ways to GrowCity of Kissimmee, FL

2020 | In Focus | October 2020 | Workforce & Economic Development

Finding New Ways to Grow

City of Kissimmee, FL

The City of Kissimmee is Osceola County’s crown jewel and county seat, and, while this is one of Central Florida’s favorite tourist destinations, there is much more to this well-organized city than first meets the eye. From being the first city in Florida to run all of its City-owned facilities on solar power, to being home to one of Florida’s most remarkable airports, the City of Kissimmee means business.

2020 | In Focus | October 2020 | Workforce & Economic DevelopmentWelcome to the FamilyCity of Auburn, AL

2020 | In Focus | October 2020 | Workforce & Economic Development

Welcome to the Family

City of Auburn, AL

A walk down Auburn’s main thoroughfare is a nostalgic stroll back in time, to when families stopped at the corner drugstore’s soda fountain and neighbors knew each other’s names. Today, locals still enjoy camaraderie and cold drinks at Toomer’s Drugs, which set up shop on the corner of Magnolia Avenue in 1896. Located across the street from Auburn University, the beloved landmark is also a favorite with students, who are welcomed as part of the community during the school year. It is this mix of small-town charm, southern hospitality, and student culture that creates a thriving local scene for both young and old to enjoy.

2020 | In Focus | September 2020Gearing UpThe Exciting Potential of Electric and Self-Driving Vehicles

2020 | In Focus | September 2020

Gearing Up

The Exciting Potential of Electric and Self-Driving Vehicles

Every so often, fluctuations in the market, lifestyles, and the world at large will give way to myriad and unexpected changes. One aspect of our lives that is unlikely to change any time soon, however, is our reliance on vehicles and transport. Many market sectors depend on transportation, whether it involves shipping goods across long distances or getting workers to their jobs on time. The automotive industry has made its name on gasoline-powered vehicles for over a century but two inventions seek to change the way people interact with their cars: electric and self-driving cars.

2020 | In Focus | Professional Services | September 2020Providing Insured Pension Solutions for Plan Sponsors and Plan ParticipantsDIETRICH

2020 | In Focus | Professional Services | September 2020

Providing Insured Pension Solutions for Plan Sponsors and Plan Participants


The traditional pension plan model has been subject to a disappearing act over the last few decades. DIETRICH assists companies of all sizes who are looking to transition from the traditional defined benefit pension plan and its inherent risks by transferring risk from the employer to a major insurance company. Headquartered outside of Philadelphia with clients nationwide, the company stays at the forefront of industry trends and regulations, supporting clients with pension de-risking strategies.

2020 | In Focus | September 2020 | Workforce & Economic DevelopmentBuilding a Bright FutureCity of Vaughan, ON

2020 | In Focus | September 2020 | Workforce & Economic Development

Building a Bright Future

City of Vaughan, ON

Located just north of Toronto in the Region of York, the City of Vaughan is a vibrant and rapidly growing community that is now embracing its most ambitious project in the city’s impressive history. The VMC — Vaughan Metropolitan Centre — is an emerging downtown core being built from scratch, featuring a host of amazing amenities including a complete walkable, transit-oriented community with retail, office, institutional and residential uses. With high-profile corporate tenants on board such as KPMG, PwC, Harley Davidson Canada and Scotiabank, the area’s first two office towers are 100 percent leased, with more structures in development and the city aiming for 1.5 million square feet of office space by 2031.

2020 | In Focus | September 2020 | TransportAn Evolving Industry Standing TogetherToday’s Transportation & Logistics

2020 | In Focus | September 2020 | Transport

An Evolving Industry Standing Together

Today’s Transportation & Logistics

Transformation has become the transportation and logistics sector’s unavoidable new buzzword. However, it is good to remember that the industry is spearheaded by countless ingenious problem solvers who have kept companies going through tremendously perilous times in the past and who will do so, again, because COVID-19 is neither its first crisis nor its last.

2020 | August 2020 | Food & Beverage | In FocusWhere Family is EverythingRoselli Wholesale Foods

2020 | August 2020 | Food & Beverage | In Focus

Where Family is Everything

Roselli Wholesale Foods

For the past forty-nine years, Roselli Wholesale Foods has made magic happen in restaurants, pizzerias, and delicatessens in and around Bay City, Monroe, Lansing, the edge of Lake Huron, and beyond with delicious specialty supplies from its base along Groesbeck Highway in Fraser, Michigan. In wholesale trading, scale is everything, and Roselli ensures that its customers are always well-stocked and ready for action, no matter how large the demand.


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