April 2018

2018 | April 2018 | In FocusA Family-Owned Firm Marks Over 70 Years in BusinessLester R. Summers, Inc.

2018 | April 2018 | In Focus

A Family-Owned Firm Marks Over 70 Years in Business

Lester R. Summers, Inc.

Lester R. Summers, Inc. (Summers Trucking) of Ephrata, Pennsylvania has hauled everything from giant NASA telescopes to prestressed concrete products, machinery, modular buildings, commercial windows, lumber and construction materials. The premier oversize precast concrete hauler in the northeastern United States is a family-owned operation that was founded just after World War II.

2018 | April 2018 | In FocusTake the High RoadStrait Crossing Bridge Limited

2018 | April 2018 | In Focus

Take the High Road

Strait Crossing Bridge Limited

A marvel of Canadian engineering, the 12.9 km (8-mile) Confederation Bridge, linking Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick across the Northumberland Strait, is the longest bridge in the world crossing ice-covered water. Developed by Strait Crossing Development, Inc. (SCDI) through a private-public partnership, the $1 Billion structure opened in 1997 and is managed by Strait Crossing Bridge Limited (SCBL).

2018 | April 2018 | In FocusWhere Extraordinary Growth Leads to Extraordinary ThingsWaynesburg University

2018 | April 2018 | In Focus

Where Extraordinary Growth Leads to Extraordinary Things

Waynesburg University

If you are searching for a university where people matter, value meets quality and your stance on faith is up to you, Waynesburg University should be at the top of your list. As a premier institution of Christian higher education, it is committed to preparing twenty-first-century leaders through innovative, student-centered learning experiences. I spoke with President Douglas G. Lee and Director of University Relations Ashley Wise about this institution that has stirred press interest and accolades across the country.

2018 | April 2018 | In FocusDefining the Foot and Ankle SegmentParagon 28

2018 | April 2018 | In Focus

Defining the Foot and Ankle Segment

Paragon 28

Paragon 28, Inc., named for both a model of excellence and the 28 bones in the human foot, is committed to developing innovative solutions for foot and ankle surgeons. Driven by an unmatched passion for the foot and ankle segment, Paragon 28 is defining the market with leading edge research and innovations. The company is based in Englewood, Colorado, with a facility in Dublin, Ireland.

2018 | April 2018 | In FocusMaking a DifferenceAspen Medical Products

2018 | April 2018 | In Focus

Making a Difference

Aspen Medical Products

25 years ago in Irvine, California, Dan Williamson founded Aspen Medical Products with the primary goal of developing medical products that would make a difference in the lives of patients. Today, the award-winning manufacturer of spine-related products operates internationally, with an Irvine headquarters; offices in Griesheim, Germany and Shanghai, China; and a manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico. Its products are distributed to hospitals, spine surgeons, physical therapist, chiropractors, orthotists, and pain management specialists in all continents.

2018 | April 2018 | In Focus

Toolholding Specialists Techniks Industries Expands and Transforms into Frontline Tooling Solutions

Techniks Industries

Techniks Industries of Indianapolis, Indiana, a leader in CNC tooling solutions, recently initiated an ambitious growth strategy to triple the size of the business within the next five years. Through strategic acquisition and organic growth, Techniks Industries is on pace to reach their goal, and with this expansion, they are changing their name...

2018 | April 2018 | In FocusAn Electronic Components Manufacturer with Strong Values and Top Industry CertificationsAPI Delevan

2018 | April 2018 | In Focus

An Electronic Components Manufacturer with Strong Values and Top Industry Certifications

API Delevan

API Delevan of East Aurora, New York, designs and manufactures electronic components and products, including RF (radio frequency) inductors, power inductors, EMI/RFI (electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference) suppressors and transformers. This specialty manufacturer has customers in the aerospace, military, medical, avionics, consumer electronics and communications sectors; strong values; and multiple quality certifications.

2018 | April 2018 | In FocusAn Enduring BondJowat Corporation America

2018 | April 2018 | In Focus

An Enduring Bond

Jowat Corporation America

This medium-sized family-owned entity has become a major force in the worldwide adhesives market. Jowat is a premier manufacturer of industrial adhesives serving the wood, furniture, paper and packaging, structural wood, graphics and bookbinding, automotive and textile industries. It brings experience, a clear vision for the future and an infallible strategy for success.


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