April 2019

Historic and High-TechSt. Mary’s County, MD

Historic and High-Tech

St. Mary’s County, MD

St. Mary’s County’s prime location puts it not far from Washington D.C. and just a four-hour drive to New York City. Given it hosts Naval Air Station Patuxent River – also known as NAS Pax River – and many aerospace and technology companies, complementary businesses can access skilled talent. And from a quality-of-life perspective, it is a great place to live and raise a family, with options including rural, semi-rural, and suburban areas.

Smart and Sustainable GrowthPerryville and Perry County EDA

Smart and Sustainable Growth

Perryville and Perry County EDA

Business in Focus had the pleasure of speaking once again to the Perry County Economic Development Authority (EDA) Executive Director Scott Sattler as we caught up on the latest initiatives in this vibrant area of Missouri. Part of the area’s success is that the EDA collaborates well to continue to support the businesses and attractions in the community and make this a destination for tourism.

From Agriculture to AerospaceGreater Yuma Economic Development Corp.

From Agriculture to Aerospace

Greater Yuma Economic Development Corp.

Yuma County is proud to be the home of both established and new businesses with a talent pool of young, available, and educated workers, many long-time industries, and access to a population of 1.5 million people within a seventy-five-mile radius. The Greater Yuma Region borders Mexico, providing the added advantage of maquiladora – Mexican factories that manufacture for export – which enables U.S.-run companies to get materials from or have shared operations and labor with Mexico.

The Incredible Growth of a Young, Vibrant Community in AlbertaCity of Airdrie, AB

The Incredible Growth of a Young, Vibrant Community in Alberta

City of Airdrie, AB

Airdrie has been one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities for the past fifteen years, and it continues to see an average of over five percent growth annually. Approximately nine new residents move into the community every day, and one of the main reasons for this rapid growth is the city’s location on the Calgary-Edmonton corridor at the intersection of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway and Highway 567.

Building for an Emerging IndustryZoned Properties

Building for an Emerging Industry

Zoned Properties

Zoned Properties, as the name implies, helps cannabis companies navigate the red tape of zoning, permits, and politicians – letting companies focus on perfecting their product. Zoned is proficient in the areas of property identification, sustainable development, and leasing.

Offering Something Extra to the Home BuyerDiGreen Homes

Offering Something Extra to the Home Buyer

DiGreen Homes

DiGreen Homes is a Markham, Ontario-based builder that specializes in high-end residential homes in the Toronto area. Construction in Focus last featured the family-owned company in the November 2017 piece “How This New Builder Is Striving to Be Green,” where we discussed the now six-year-old business’ dedication to creating only a small number of high-end, eco-friendly communities every year.

On the Cutting EdgeWikus Saw Technology

On the Cutting Edge

Wikus Saw Technology

Many industries rely on band saw blades to cut wood and metal in order to manufacture various products, and WIKUS-Sägenfabrik, Wilhelm H. Kullmann GmbH & Co. KG, with its headquarters in Spangenberg Germany, has been producing top-of-the-line band saws for over sixty years. Wikus is a recognized leader in the area and the largest band saw blade manufacturer in Europe. We spoke with the U.S. organization Chief Executive Officer, Georgi Jossifov, to get the full story

A Legacy of Trusted Robotics SolutionsREIKU/Drossbach

A Legacy of Trusted Robotics Solutions


Cable management company REIKU/Drossbach began initially as separate German-based companies. Drossbach was founded one hundred years ago in 1919 and REIKU fifty years ago in 1969. Both companies expanded into American operations in the 1980s before merging in 2002 and later joining the Delfingen Group in 2018. Delfingen Group is a global automotive supplier and manufacturer of fluid transfer tubing and onboard networks protection.

On the Front Lines of EV Manufacturing AutomationPARI Robotics

On the Front Lines of EV Manufacturing Automation

PARI Robotics

PARI Robotics Inc. offers turnkey robotics and manufacturing solutions to its customers all over the world. Its North American Headquarters are in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and with locations worldwide, PARI specializes in manufacturing automation systems, including electric vehicle assembly systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). PARI is among one of the leading companies to be closely involved in the growing electric vehicle manufacturing solutions space. PARI also offers cutting edge IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions compliant to the Industry 4.0 paradigm that help manufacturers drive operational efficiency, productivity, asset availability and reliability.

Configured to Save TimeMISUMI

Configured to Save Time


MISUMI is pivotal for leading-edge manufacturing. The company works with engineers to develop innovative machines and then provides them with all the parts they need to build them.

Its Secret Is In Its PeopleBurt Process Equipment

Its Secret Is In Its People

Burt Process Equipment

It is always refreshing to come across a company with a sense of care toward the world at large – especially when it comes to serious matters like potable water. Burt Process Equipment is not only a highly respected manufacturer and distributor of fluid-handling components, systems, and industrial tools, but it is also a company with philanthropy at its core and a major supporter of the United Nations’ mission to provide access to clean drinking water.

It Pays to Lead the WayPan-Oston

It Pays to Lead the Way


While we all shop, we rarely think about how retail outlets create the entire experience that allows us to go about it in the most convenient way possible. From shop fittings to checkout counters and technology, creating the right atmosphere and ensuring that it is fully functional and easy to use makes sales soar.

Thinking Outside the BoxABOX Packaging

Thinking Outside the Box

ABOX Packaging

ABOX Packaging hails from the state of Texas and has developed a niche in specialty packaging and design, making close to five million boxes a month. “We are custom manufacturers of high-end packaging,” says President and Chief Executive Officer Keith Thompson. Keith has been working in this industry for close to fifty-five years and brings a rare knowledge and understanding to the company.

This Innovative Manufacturer Sets the Pace in the Snowplow SectorMetal Pless

This Innovative Manufacturer Sets the Pace in the Snowplow Sector

Metal Pless

Metal Pless of Plessisville, Quebec is a frontrunner in the snowplow manufacturing sector. Clients rely on the company’s products to clear public roadways, commercial and industrial properties, as well as airports during and after a snowfall. It is a task done under intense time pressure and scrutiny; city streets and parking lots must be plowed quickly to maintain access in adverse weather conditions.

Ingenious and Built to LastKonstant

Ingenious and Built to Last


Konstant is one of Canada’s largest manufacturer and dealer of engineered storage solutions and one of the nation’s biggest supplier of quality pre-owned racking, shelving, and storage systems equipment with nine locations and over 360 highly skilled employees across Canada. Over its more than thirty years of business, the company has built a reputation for durable and highly functional racking systems.

Energy Elevating LivesApyx Medical Corporation

Energy Elevating Lives

Apyx Medical Corporation

Apyx Medical Corporation creates medical devices with helium plasma technology for surgical and cosmetic markets worldwide. The company, formerly known as Bovie Medical Corporation, changed its name to Apyx Medical Corporation in January 2019 after selling the core business and original name to Symmetry Surgical Inc. in August of 2018 to specialize solely on its helium plasma technology.

From Experience Comes GrowthControl Tech

From Experience Comes Growth

Control Tech

Control Tech is a leading provider of instrumentation, electrical, and automation services to the oil and gas industry. With a focus on developing expertise and delivering the highest quality workmanship on every project, Control Tech is truly committed to excellence.

Solar is Here to StayRGS Energy

Solar is Here to Stay

RGS Energy

Solar shingles have arrived, and they are finally available for everyone. Invented by Dow, and licensed to Real Goods Solar Company (RGS Energy), POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 is easily the most accessible and pragmatic approach to solar power…


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