August 2018

Building a Patient-Centered Skincare PracticeWater’s Edge Dermatology

Building a Patient-Centered Skincare Practice

Water’s Edge Dermatology

At Water’s Edge Dermatology (WEderm), a broad-based general dermatology practice in Florida, highly-trained dermatologists work with a team of health professionals to provide the best quality medical care and patient experience. Service lines include general medical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, skin cancer prevention, detection and treatment, medical and cosmetic vein care, and plastic surgery. WEderm also has a board-certified radiation oncologist on staff for difficult-to-treat skin cancers, which is not typical for most dermatology practices.

Hand Hygiene Solutions that Save Lives GloballyOPHARDT Hygiene

Hand Hygiene Solutions that Save Lives Globally


When was the last time you sang happy birthday – twice? This is how long it takes to wash one’s hands properly. In a world where antibiotic resistance is on the rise and 80 percent of infections and illnesses are spread through hands, it is undeniably disconcerting to consider that some hospital staff do not follow strict hand hygiene procedures that prevent the spread of infectious diseases and superbugs.

When Going BIG is Going BetterBusiness Information Group Incorporated (BIG)

When Going BIG is Going Better

Business Information Group Incorporated (BIG)

It is not often during the discussion of the construction industry that information technology (IT) solutions are incorporated into the same conversation. But there has been a shift in recent years in which these two subjects come together in any discussion focused on more effective communication and project management, productive collaboration, and the real-time information sharing that is essential in every aspect of construction projects.

Taking Event Planning to the Next LevelAventri

Taking Event Planning to the Next Level


Aventri, formerly Etouches, is an event planning and management platform that provides access to a wide range of integrated software tools that can simplify the process of managing an event and increase the return on the event planner’s investment.

Where Culture, History and Innovation Come Together in the Interest of Growth and DevelopmentAssociation of Village Council Presidents (AVCP)

Where Culture, History and Innovation Come Together in the Interest of Growth and Development

Association of Village Council Presidents (AVCP)

Association of Village Council Presidents (AVCP) Mission:
“Yuut aturyukngaitnek Paivciluni Ikayurluki Yuungnaqlerkaitnek Cali allat Yuut Aturyukngait ellmegnek piyugngarillerkaitnek makut Yuut atuqekngait. Yuyarait Piciryarait-llu Pingiinallerkaakun Ellmegnek, ukut nunat ilakluki.”

“Our mission is to work in partnership to provide community development, education, social services, culturally relevant programs and advocacy for the people and Tribes of the AVCP region, to promote self-determinations, protection and enhancement of our cultural and traditional values.” (Translated from Yup’ik, the predominant language of the people of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta)

Craft Coffee. Craft Experience.Tradecraft Outfitters

Craft Coffee. Craft Experience.

Tradecraft Outfitters

Coffee, which only few know is a fruit, was first discovered in Ethiopia around 800AD, though it wasn’t until the mid-1600s when it made its way to the United States where today, over 80 percent of adults drink it in its brewed form, making the country the world’s largest consumer of the beverage.

A Unique Combination of Family and FlavorHome Run Inn

A Unique Combination of Family and Flavor

Home Run Inn

Home Run Inn is a family-owned and operated business specializing in pizza. Using the same original family recipe it’s been using for over 70 years, its fresh pizza is presently served at nine pizzeria locations in Chicago, while its frozen pizza line is available in over 40 states nationwide. Home Run Inn is dedicated to its customers and focused on always producing a quality and flavorful pizza.

The NEW B.I Foods is MUCH MORE than the Roast Beef it is Known for

B.I Foods

Back in November of 2017, I had the privilege of speaking with Beef International President Kevin Ingraldi and Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tom McMillen III about its customized meat products that cater to various interests in the restaurant world. At the time, the specialty meat company was undergoing a five-year reconstruction plan and...

The Future is NowThe Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The Future is Now

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Robotics is booming globally for many reasons. It was widely introduced to the United States back in the 1960s for manufacturing, but today’s versions play a critical role in areas from assembly to logistics, the control and flow of goods and materials through a manufacturing process or organization. As an increasing number of tasks – such as warehousing – are automated, human employees are free to perform other tasks.

Precision Medical ManufacturingPrecision Edge

Precision Medical Manufacturing

Precision Edge

Medical practitioners around the world would not be able to successfully perform procedures and provide a satisfactory level of care to their patients if they lacked the necessary tools and resources to do so. And many of those tools, chiefly surgical cutting tools and instruments for orthopedic procedures, would not be possible without Precision Edge.

Goods in MotionBig Players and Big Issues in Third and Fourth-Party Logistics

Goods in Motion

Big Players and Big Issues in Third and Fourth-Party Logistics

Logistics is all about managing the movement and storage of goods from “the point of origin to the point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements. This definition includes inbound, outbound, internal, and external movements,” explains the Lombard, Illinois-based Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP).

Ninety Years of ServiceCutter Aviation

Ninety Years of Service

Cutter Aviation

Professionalism, convenience, and the utmost attention to detail are just some of the reasons clients keep coming back to Cutter Aviation. This prominent general and business aviation service provider for the Southwestern United States is celebrating its ninetieth anniversary this year.

Running like a Well-Oiled MachineRenkert Oil

Running like a Well-Oiled Machine

Renkert Oil

The cogs of our modern world are lubricated with ancient mineral oils – and by that, I don’t mean fuel. Petroleum refiners produce varying grades of mineral oil for use in just about everything on the planet. Therefore, when it comes to quality, you know you’re onto a good thing when your competitors’ staff join your team because your product outperforms everything else on the market and nobody can work out the secret.

Innovation since 1941Sewer Equipment

Innovation since 1941

Sewer Equipment

Since 1941, Sewer Equipment has made its way to the forefront of the municipal and contractor sewer cleaning markets. It has established a presence in industrial, plumbing, government, and international sectors through superior design and manufacture of sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation equipment.

Relevant, Focused, and CommittedAIT Worldwide Logistics

Relevant, Focused, and Committed

AIT Worldwide Logistics

AIT Worldwide Logistics is a full-service transportation management provider that is responsive to customer needs, focused on staying relevant to changing markets, and respectful of its workforce. As the firm’s name suggests, it has customers around the globe and continental headquarters in Chicago, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam.



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