February 2017

Founded on Experience, Driven by PassionCanadian Projects Limited

Founded on Experience, Driven by Passion

Canadian Projects Limited

Canadian Projects Limited (CPL) has completed over three billion dollars of successful run-of-river hydroelectric, wind and solar power projects, on time, within budget and with the utmost professionalism possible. Although the company was only founded in May of 1999, the depth of its knowledge goes much further back and is based on decades of experience in Canada’s growing renewable energy sectors.

Open for BusinessCity of Renton, WA

Open for Business

City of Renton, WA

Located just eleven miles southeast of Seattle, in the heart of the Greater Seattle and Puget Sound region, the City of Renton has a legacy of many recognized and highly respected businesses. Renton has emerged from its early economy that was founded on timber, clay production and coal mining, to become the home of numerous service-based businesses, technology companies, manufacturers, banking entities and sports franchises. Renton is widely known for fostering a pro-business environment for companies of any size.

From 19th Century Paper and Lumber to 21st Century TechCity of Camas, WA

From 19th Century Paper and Lumber to 21st Century Tech

City of Camas, WA

Camas is a town built around economic opportunity from its origin surrounding three lumber mills and a paper mill that remains the largest west of the Mississippi to the late eighties when the technology sector took the State of Washington by storm. Despite growing from lumber and pulp to technology and gaining thousands of citizens, Camas retains its hometown small town feel. Paul Dennis and Scott Higgins spoke to me from their offices in city hall.

Gem of the South Puget SoundCity of Olympia, WA

Gem of the South Puget Sound

City of Olympia, WA

The City of Olympia is known worldwide for its many tourist attractions, tremendous scenery, thriving arts community, unique historic downtown and more. The city welcomes visitors, artists, entrepreneurs, and residents who appreciate the natural beauty, rich culture, and splendor offered by the Pacific Northwest and the Puget Sound area.

The Gateway to Ohio’s Scenic WonderlandHocking County, OH

The Gateway to Ohio’s Scenic Wonderland

Hocking County, OH

Although this is a rural area with a population of just under 30,000, Hocking County, Ohio has an abundance of natural resources and potential, making it a great place to call home. This is where community thrives, and the county is working hard to advance, encourage and promote economic and social development from which it can continue to grow.

Building on its AssetsWilliams County, OH

Building on its Assets

Williams County, OH

Williams County, Ohio is no stranger to success. The community has been home to a vibrant manufacturing sector for decades. “We have been making things in northwest Ohio for a long time; we are not new to the manufacturing game or the large employer game,” says Matt Davis, Executive Director of the Williams County Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO).

Working Collaboratively for Community DevelopmentCambridge-Guernsey County Community Improvement Corporation

Working Collaboratively for Community Development

Cambridge-Guernsey County Community Improvement Corporation

Formed in 1965, the Cambridge-Guernsey County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) was created by the Guernsey County Commissioners and designated by resolution to perform the economic development functions for the County, the City of Cambridge, and the Village of Byesville. Later, in 2000, the Guernsey County Port Authority was formed to also contribute to these functions…

A Popular Tourist Destination Opens Its Doors to New BusinessTuscarawas County, OH

A Popular Tourist Destination Opens Its Doors to New Business

Tuscarawas County, OH

Tuscarawas County – a highly popular tourist destination in east-central Ohio – is open for business. Well-known for its historic past, recreational opportunities and proximity to Amish country, Tuscarawas is eager to attract new companies to its fold. This is not just community hype: in 2015, Site Selection magazine picked Tuscarawas County as America’s number two ‘micropolitan’ region for past-year economic and industrial site development.

Strategically Located and Poised for GrowthSandusky County, OH

Strategically Located and Poised for Growth

Sandusky County, OH

In early 2016, Site Selection magazine listed the Sandusky County area as number thirty-nine on its list of the best “micropolitan” regions in the US for past-year business investment and expansion. It was the third year in a row Sandusky County was included in the top ranks of the magazine’s micropolitan list (a ‘micropolitan’ being a primarily rural region with no cities over 50,000 people and a total population below 250,000).

Ongoing ImprovementCity of Prince Albert, SK

Ongoing Improvement

City of Prince Albert, SK

When Business in Focus profiled Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in June 2015, the city was in the midst of redeveloping its Official Community Plan. Since then, Prince Albert has begun implementing the new plan—as well as several other notable initiatives.

Community, Culture, CharacterCity of Winter Park, Florida

Community, Culture, Character

City of Winter Park, Florida

Winter Park seems like a strange name for a city in the central part of Florida. I was intrigued to find out why, but first I discovered that this was an area which was a major attraction for businesses and people alike. This is a city that is expanding in many areas, including healthcare, tourism and scientific and technical services. Economic development is of paramount importance, as the city strives to target and expand business clusters…

Rural, Progressive & WinningThe Alabama Wiregrass Region

Rural, Progressive & Winning

The Alabama Wiregrass Region

Last year, the Alabama Wiregrass region caught our attention as a national leader in business development and innovation. Sometimes referred to as ‘Wiregrass Country,’ the area encompasses parts of southern Georgia, southeastern Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle with the Alabama Wiregrass region sitting in the southeastern part of Alabama.



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