February 2019

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusBreaking the MouldCarmen Transportation

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Breaking the Mould

Carmen Transportation

Carmen Transportation runs on passion, sincerity, and a great love of performance. Here, value is added to transform clients’ operations in sweeping and lasting new ways. President and Owner Vince Tarantini listens to clients’ messages rather than their words – a priceless skill in a world of information overload. The company is reimagining transportation through its acute awareness of how its decisions impact all stakeholders.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusTop TransportationBriway Carriers

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Top Transportation

Briway Carriers

Briway Carriers’ innovative approach to hauling everything from agricultural materials to glass has secured its reputation for thinking out of the box in an industry that is every bit as tough as it is rewarding. From big, multinational corporations to private individuals, Briway Carriers is always ready to move.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusCoffee Done DifferentlyLarry’s Coffee

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Coffee Done Differently

Larry’s Coffee

Larry Larson peered out the window as he sat sipping a small roast coffee in his favorite smoke-filled café. Beatnik movements were abounding against sexism, racism, homophobia, and big business at the peak of grunge’s heyday that was Seattle in the nineties, and he fit in the scene in his wire-framed glasses and a goatee. Larry had graduated university and was on his way to North Carolina to continue his studies. Even though he was saying goodbye to the Seattle scene, he was carrying the values he learned with him.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusThe Beverage Industry NavigatorsBevSource

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

The Beverage Industry Navigators


The world of beverages can be a complex and confusing one. From product development to production, sourcing to logistics, the question of how to turn ideas into reality is one fraught with challenges. Yet the rewards – seeing a successful product come to fruition and reach an audience of satisfied consumers – can be well worth it. The team at BevSource makes it their mission to help clients reach that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusRevamping the Realm of RecyclingBerg Mill

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Revamping the Realm of Recycling

Berg Mill

While the world has made great strides in recent years to be more conscious of environmental impacts, it should come as no surprise that in the – often ahead of the times – state of California, such effort has been exerted for over fifty years. Though Los Angeles is more commonly associated with the glamour of Hollywood, it was here, in the City of Angels, that a progressive recycling company was able to see the value in what others so easily discarded.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusConsistently High-Quality, Aeroponically-Grown CannabisJames E. Wagner Cultivation Corporation

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Consistently High-Quality, Aeroponically-Grown Cannabis

James E. Wagner Cultivation Corporation

As a licensed producer of cannabis in Canada, James E. Wagner Cultivation Corporation grows high-quality medical cannabis using a proprietary growth system called GrowthSTORM™ which is based on the technology of aeroponics. The system offers unique advantages for agriculture of all types, and it results in a cleaner, more consistent, first-class finished product while guaranteeing a low cost of production.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusLeading the Way in Manufacturing EmploymentSidney-Shelby

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Leading the Way in Manufacturing Employment


With a stable population of 49,243, Ohio’s Shelby County has everything businesses need to be successful. Located on the I-75 corridor near the I-70 Interchange and with ready access to road, rail and air, the county is home to two certified shovel-ready sites – the Amos Industrial Park, and the Sidney Ohio Industrial Park – and home to two of the three top manufacturing employers in the Dayton Region. Ready for the future with modern and dependable fiber optics networks and strong utilities, much of the area’s success is due to a labor force with a strong work ethic and efforts of the Sidney-Shelby Economic Partnership (SSEP) to leverage the area’s strengths.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusOpen for BusinessDarke County

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Open for Business

Darke County

Welcoming to business, Ohio’s Darke County Economic Development is guided by the experienced hand of Mike Bowers. Named to the position of Economic Development Director in mid-2016, Bowers left his previous position as Mayor of the 13,000-strong Greenville for over eight years to focus on economic development, which was his focus as Mayor.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusBringing Together Job-Seekers and BusinessHometown Opportunity

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Bringing Together Job-Seekers and Business

Hometown Opportunity

West Central Ohio is a remarkable combination of agriculture and manufacturing. Four of the region’s counties – Auglaize, Darke, Mercer and Shelby – consistently rank as the highest agriculture producing counties in Ohio. They are truly the “breadbasket” of the state. And yet, they are also home to more than 22,000 manufacturing jobs. Their stats for manufacturing jobs per capita are remarkably high – among the highest in Ohio and the U.S.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusA Collaborative Effort to Address Workforce ChallengesAshland Area Economic Development

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

A Collaborative Effort to Address Workforce Challenges

Ashland Area Economic Development

The retirement of the baby boomer generation is causing a crisis in the available labor pool combined with a loss of knowledge and experience in the workforce. This has created many challenges for a variety of industries in the United States. The Grow Ashland Economic Development office partners with numerous organizations in the Ashland, Ohio area to share ideas and resources for innovative ways to attract, retain, and train the workforce required to support local business.

2019 | February 2019 | In FocusEconomic Opportunity in a Rural SettingMorrow County, OH

2019 | February 2019 | In Focus

Economic Opportunity in a Rural Setting

Morrow County, OH

One year ago, Business in Focus was proud to feature Morrow County, looking into the history and many unique aspects of this county in central Ohio. Morrow County is just north of Delaware County, which is the fastest-growing area in the state, and Morrow is seeing ongoing growth as a result of its lower land prices and proximity to its rapidly-growing neighbor. We followed up on the happenings inside Morrow County with County Commissioner Tom Whiston.


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