The Difference the Cloud Makes

Written by Grace McDermott

The benefits of cloud-accessed applications are multifaceted, but the primary advantage of these technologies lies in the fact that the right cloud allows you to access your entire suite of applications easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world…
The team at LoadSpring Solutions is focused on creating the Perfect Cloud for its customers. Through a multifaceted approach that incorporates client applications, integrations, disaster recovery options, and more, LoadSpring provides the cloud that meets their business needs.

From there, LoadSpring acts as a Sherpa, working in partnership with the customer from inception through the full lifespan of their projects, providing support from the infrastructure layer all the way through to application support for scheduling, estimating, BIM, and contract management applications.

Indeed, in the increasingly complex industry of project management, cloud computing has become an essential part of sound development and quality control. Cloud-based project management solutions are revolutionizing the way we build, organize and communicate, and LoadSpring Solutions is pioneering the change.

LoadSpring was launched in 1999, when the ‘cloud’, as we know it today, was still a concept in the making. LoadSpring was one of the first firms to develop Project Management solutions in the cloud, leading an evolution toward a more secure, supported and accessible future for project management and control applications. Eric Leighton, the Co-Founder, President and CEO of LoadSpring provided some expert insight into why cloud-hosted solutions are taking the project management industry by storm.

An Algorithm of Success
LoadSpring’s approach, focused not only on reliability but also accessibility, has propelled the company to the forefront of digital development. Today, LoadSpring hosts a range of project management software and applications for some of the world’s biggest tech, healthcare, and engineering and construction companies.

When LoadSpring was created, the internet was really just coming into vogue. Despite the astounding growth and dynamism of the web and the cloud that we now all know and love, LoadSpring’s primary focus has remained unchanged. Upon its creation, LoadSpring set out to develop cloud solutions that were secure, easy to access, and supported with legendary customer service. These founding principles have underpinned LoadSpring’s development, and remain at the heart of the company’s success. Leighton explains that, “What is interesting is that 15 years later, those three things – security, accessibility and support – are still critical to us and critical to our success.”

From a few tech enthusiasts, LoadSpring has grown its team, employing more than 60 of the country’s top technological experts. Since the beginning, LoadSpring has been dedicated to simplifying the complexities of working in the cloud through creating unique and scalable solutions that improve efficiency while keeping information secure and accessible.

Simple and Accessible
LoadSpring opened up a new frontier of technological development, which offered promises to not only IT experts, but project professionals as well. “We felt that simplicity was the key to success on the internet… that has been kind of our mantra here at LoadSpring,” shares Leighton.

Far too often, new technology that promises efficiency is in fact compromised by complexity. LoadSpring set out to change this, hoping to open the world of cloud-based project management to new users and new industries.

When it comes to project management software, cloud computing is the way forward, but many companies have found the development of infrastructure and staff-wide competence in such programs a challenge. SpringBoard™ is LoadSprings’ solution to the complexity question.

SpringBoard is the cloud-enabling technology that allows companies to easily integrate, navigate, and understand project data from a central platform. SpringBoard gives users the tools to customize their slice of the cloud, creating a space that encompasses not only project data, hosted applications and reports, but the capability to share such information across multiple subcontractors and stakeholders. As Leighton explains, “Being able to access complex database driven applications in a really simple way is what led us to the development of SpringBoard; we wanted to give people instant easy access to an application.”

Unlike traditional project management software, cloud-based services enable users to access their programs from anywhere in the world, changing the overall scope and possibilities for project management software. This ensures they have the most accurate data from which to make decisions.

Often project management’s biggest challenge lies in connecting and incorporating the varying timelines, efficiencies and expertise of the stakeholders involved in multidimensional projects. SpringBoard solves this longstanding issue of disjointedness by creating a single, shared space in which users are finding new opportunities to communicate, monitor and plan the proliferation of projects collaboratively. When it comes to planning, scheduling and even estimating, this collaborative capability is unparalleled by any remotely hosted application on the market, making LoadSpring’s cloud-hosted solutions not only the most efficient, but the most accessible technology available to the market.

Secure, Supported and Streamlined
There is no debate regarding the fact that cloud-based project management solutions are the most efficient choice from an organizational and planning perspective. Yet despite their potential, creating and supporting these technologies is no easy task, and is why hundreds of companies are turning to the experts at LoadSpring for support.

Unlike traditional internally hosted software, applications in the cloud operate in a multifaceted environment, which is impacted by a broader network and a near infinite number of complications. Cloud-based applications have been popularized to the benefit of the industry, but to the disdain of many IT professionals, as the infrastructure demanded for these programs is highly intensive.

Cloud computing solutions are complex, and demand not only a high level of technological capability and practical IT knowledge, but an awareness of internet security and functionality. Since LoadSpring is a purpose-built company, dedicated solely to cloud-based applications, the team is able to provide extremely fast execution in terms of infrastructure development and software setup. Consequently, LoadSpring is not only saving its clients time and money; it is providing company-wide clarity, to the relief of everyone involved.

A typical enterprise application takes companies between five and seven months on average to acquire, set up, and launch; these same processes take LoadSpring one to two weeks to complete. Through working in-depth with the project management software on a daily basis, as well as navigating the issues of setup hundreds of times, LoadSpring is able to streamline solutions. This speed enables LoadSpring to provide a real advantage by improving the Time of Value process, meaning users reap the benefits of their software investment sooner.

Since LoadSpring is purpose-built and solely committed to working with cloud-based project management software, there is no competition in terms of expertise. “We really focused on understanding the applications, how they are installed, how the infrastructure works, what the performance is like and how to use the applications; we then combined that with the IT challenge,” shares Leighton.

These solutions are backed by a type of socialized learning in which LoadSpring is able to approach the issues of one client, while scaling the solution across its many clients. Leighton explains that, “It really comes down to understanding the applications and doing it over and over again.” This experiential knowledge allows LoadSpring to mitigate issues before they arise.

Security, of course, is a prime consideration for any company working in the cloud, and is a feature that is easily compromised without proper IT infrastructure or knowledge of digital best practices. LoadSpring’s tried and tested solutions create a stronger and more robust application for each user across the board, giving clients the peace of mind that can only come from a track record of results. In this way, LoadSpring offers clients improved efficiency not only in terms of project management software, but also in terms of resources, support, IT expenditure and security, which many would argue is priceless.

A Bright Future
LoadSpring has led an increasingly prevalent industry turn toward advanced cloud-hosted project management software, but the firm is pushing harder, creating more comprehensive and advanced solutions. Most recently, LoadSpring has reexamined the personalization, functionality and transnational capabilities of software hosted in the cloud.

One of LoadSpring’s most recent developments is within projects dedicated to building the ‘global cloud’, which incorporates location awareness and makes cloud-hosted software more performance-based and accessible. Another major undertaking is the company’s “SpringBoard Connect” application, which creates and captures customizable data from different areas of a project, amalgamating it centrally so that industry professionals can more easily access it. Additionally, LoadSpring has taken up a focus in application performance consultation, helping tune applications to better complement the specific needs of firms.

LoadSpring’s commitment to innovation is ongoing, and so is the proliferation of the cloud. As cloud-hosted software continues to lead the 21st century of project management, we can be sure that LoadSpring is here to stay.



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