October 2017

2017 | In Focus | October 201730 Years of Thermoforming ExpertiseGeneral Plastics, Inc.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

30 Years of Thermoforming Expertise

General Plastics, Inc.

As a manufacturing process, thermoforming boasts many cost, aesthetic and performance advantages over other manufacturing processes. Thermoforming consist of heating plastic sheet to a precise temperature point where it is pliable. Then it is quickly formed into the desired part shape using vacuum or pressure forming techniques. Once the part is vacuumed down on the mold, water running through the aluminum tool is used to cool the material down to permanently set the final part geometry.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017A New Twist on a Classic ConceptWaxy's Modern Irish Bar

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

A New Twist on a Classic Concept

Waxy's Modern Irish Bar

Arguably, there are more Irish bars in North America than any other themed establishments. It is a staple of any town but particularly present in Massachusetts, where Waxy’s Modern Irish Bar is as authentic as it gets. The food, of course, includes Irish fare to go along with pub favorites, but there is so much more to Waxy’s. It is an Irish pub that strives to be a genuine representation of modern Ireland. Business in Focus spoke with Director of Marketing & Events Julie Doherty about this rapidly expanding concept.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017A Shared PassionThe Matador

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

A Shared Passion

The Matador

The Matador – a restaurant known for its Mexican cuisine and extensive tequila bar – has been offering its customers a unique experience and quality food ever since its inception. From its beautiful works of art to its décor and atmosphere, its owners have put their passion to work, and their hearts into creating this one-of-a-kind establishment.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017Old-World Charm Meets Fresh Pub TrendsThe Pig ‘n’ Whistle Group

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

Old-World Charm Meets Fresh Pub Trends

The Pig ‘n’ Whistle Group

The Pig ‘n’ Whistle Group has been serving up good cheer, great food and drink and friendly service at a series of Irish-style pubs and restaurants for decades. The group operates thirteen locations in total, a dozen in Manhattan and one in Dublin. While these locations vary in décor, menus and ambiance, they aim to blend old-world Irish charm with contemporary food and drink trends.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017Built on PeopleAstro Machine Works

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

Built on People

Astro Machine Works

Astro Machine Works is a comprehensive machining and fabrication facility that specializes in custom machine building, machined parts, and fabrication. With more than three decades of experience serving a diverse range of industries, and a team of highly qualified experts – some having been with the company since the very beginning – Astro has truly become a complete solutions provider.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017Not Just ‘Nationwide’Nationwide Boiler Incorporated

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

Not Just ‘Nationwide’

Nationwide Boiler Incorporated

Nationwide Boiler Incorporated has rented and sold boilers and related equipment to clients in six continents and provided essential equipment to restore steam services after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City. Now celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, the company attributes its longevity to a simple combination of excellent products and quality service. The Fremont, California-based firm has also developed an expertise in environmentally friendly boiler solutions.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017Steam Powering Industry across America and BeyondJohnston Boiler Company

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

Steam Powering Industry across America and Beyond

Johnston Boiler Company

Since its founding in 1864 in Ferrysburg, Michigan, Johnston Boiler Company, a pioneer of the Scotch Marine boiler system has been the unsung hero of the industry, providing steam power to such diverse industries as Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, food processing plants, utilities and distilleries. Customers looking for reliability, efficiency, longevity, and low emissions, along with a customized approach, can find all this and more at Johnston.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017Leading the Way in its FieldLeader Tech

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

Leading the Way in its Field

Leader Tech

Leader Tech is a U.S. manufacturer of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shielding products for various applications including enclosures for electronic devices, circuit boards, and interconnect cabling. Electromagnetic interference is what’s happening if you hear your car radio buzz when your cellphone rings, and it’s the reason you’re supposed to turn your cellphone off on an airplane. Electronic devices can interfere with each other, but by encasing them in EMI shielding material, you can reduce that interference to some degree.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017Shifting from Fossil Fuels to Sustainable EnergyThe Bumpy Road Ahead

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

Shifting from Fossil Fuels to Sustainable Energy

The Bumpy Road Ahead

Some call it green energy, while others refer to it as sustainable or renewable, but it all comes down to one thing: the ability to meet today’s energy requirements without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their power needs. Unlike the five fossil fuels formed over millions of years from decaying organic matter – coal, oil, petroleum, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas – sources of sustainable energy such as solar, wind and water power are virtually endless.


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