High-End Equipment, Local Expertise

C&T Enterprises
Written by Grace McDermott

C&T Enterprises Limited is a leading provider of mobile-heavy equipment and shipping to the East Coast Canadian market. This year marks the firm’s 25th anniversary, and it is safe to say that C&T is looking better than ever.
C&T provides top-of-the-line construction service equipment to a wide range of projects throughout the private and public sectors. Responding to every trucking, construction and shipping need of both the rural and northern regions of Newfoundland and Labrador, C&T has become a staple of multiple industrial sectors, providing the expertise and versatility to equip any major work.

C&T Enterprises’ expansive growth over the last two and a half decades has been driven by a unique company culture, which is founded on quality and customer care. Through ongoing investment the company has created this unique culture of quality, backed by not only high-end equipment but also local expertise.

Today C&T’s services can be seen throughout most major projects in the region. From equipment contracting to project management expertise, C&T is not only a leader in construction services, but also a cornerstone of the regional economy. Despite undergoing vast transformation and expansion since its founding, the company has maintained 100 percent Labrador ownership, proving that there is no replacement for homegrown success.

A Commitment to Quality
C&T Enterprises’ vision is to “work with our clients and partners to ensure full realization of our contract solutions with maximum efficient of time, financial and human resources,” according to the company’s website, ctenterprises.ca/home/. The firm’s ongoing commitment to this vision is bolstered by a long list of satisfied clients and a substantial increase in annual revenue in recent years.

Working closely with local companies for decades, C&T has built a name for not only quality service and products, but solid results. Growing organically through word-of-mouth advertising, C&T has proved that with a commitment to quality, growth in even the most competitive markets is possible.

The company’s current regional footprint is substantial, and the firm’s portfolio boasts some of the biggest names in Canadian and international industry. Working throughout Labrador as well as Lower Quebec and Western Newfoundland, C&T has completed projects with clients such as Quebec Hydro, Vale Inco, Public Works Canada, Naclor Hydro, and many more.

The greatest testament to any firm’s success is growth, and one look at C&T’s increasing annual turnover and makes it clear that the company is doing something very right. In 1990, C&T Enterprises’ annual revenue stood at a modest $35,000 CAD. 25 years later, and the word “growth” would fall short of the firm’s accomplishments. Today, the company is one of the leading construction service providers in the region, and in the year 2010 alone C&T Enterprises turned over 5 million dollars. C&T’s ongoing expansion shows no signs of stopping, driving the promise of not only business success, but also local stability and employment.

Local Knowledge
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada’s most easterly province, is home to a diverse climate and geographic environment, which poses a range of challenging but rewarding scenarios for businesses in the region. Consequently, the need for specialized services coupled with local expertise is priceless – and that is exactly what C&T brings to the table.

With 25 years of experience in the region, C&T has the benefit of a robust infrastructure backed by a wide network of locally sourced professionals. In recent years the global economic downturn has impacted businesses across the board, but when many companies hunkered down, C&T continued to invest in its vision. C&T Enterprises’ mission is to “provide solutions to our clients utilizing best practices and recognized industry standards,” a promise that is exemplified by the company’s ongoing inward investment.

In growing through the downturn, C&T has broadened its knowledge base, facilities, and fleet of equipment. The team is focused on providing adaptable solutions to meet the needs of customers, and that flexibility can only come with the right tools. The company’s current fleet includes everything from dump and cement trucks to tractor-trailers, excavators, a jaw crusher, and nearly everything in between.

The company’s facilities are extensive, encompassing a range of professional capabilities which ensure not only the highest quality results, but the greatest return on investment for clients. Repair facilities, a lay-down area, and a warehouse accompany the firm’s expanding office space; these facilities ensure that equipment is not only stored appropriately but repaired and serviced on a regular basis. This full-circle approach guarantees that all equipment is maintained to its highest functionality, and that client needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Of course, high quality, reliable equipment is important, but the people behind the equipment are always where the real value lies. C&T Enterprise’s team of experts bring to the table a diversity of professional expertise, which make C&T one of the most qualified firms in the sector. With a general manager, a full time maintenance mechanic, two superintendents, diverse office staff and more than equipment operators, drivers and construction workers, C&T has not only the equipment but the manpower to complete any job.

Vertical Integration, Expanding Horizons
Quite possibly C&T Enterprises’ greatest achievement to date is the diversity of its offerings. Through continuous investment into facilities, equipment and staff, C&T is able to provide vertically integrated services that are top-of-the-line, every time, a feature which has set the firm apart. Although C&T is known widely for its equipment expertise, the company’s other services are a key part of its strategic growth.

Specializing in the production and supply of stone, class “A” material, sand, and ready-mix cements, while simultaneously offering broader services such as highway maintenance and snow clearing, C&T is able to provide clients holistic, tailor-made solutions. The firm’s in-house capabilities are extensive and ever increasing, an approach many other mobile-heavy equipment and shipping providers simply cannot compete with.

C&T is able to build on expertise and experience, a combination that makes for quality results and client satisfaction. In a market increasingly saturated with major multinationals, C&T offers a shining point of difference – a personalized approach, built on experiential knowledge.



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