Bringing Unmatched Customer Service Experience to the I.T. Sector

JKL Technologies
Written by William Young

Information technology (I.T.) solutions firm JKL Technologies focuses on offering I.T. management services, design, project management and consulting, as well as full audio-visual (A.V.) integration for large global enterprise customers.
JKL Technologies was incorporated in 2004, but began in earnest in 1998 and has run a full twenty years in the I.T. sector, recently expanding in 2015 to serve its customers’ A.V. needs. The company operates five main locations across the United States and Mexico, in hubs such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Mexico City; most recently, JKL has expanded its presence in Dallas. Company President Mike Ireland has been with JKL since its inception in 1998.

Ireland credits the company’s multiple-site reach as being a great asset to its approach to customer service. JKL has developed relationships with many national and international clients, and being in many places at once allows it the opportunity to meet clients face-to-face on a regular basis, which Ireland cites as a core value. He says that while methods such as video conferencing, text messaging, and emails are effective ways at communicating with clientele, the best way he has found to involve them is through good old-fashioned face time, meeting them one-on-one where they are given up-to-date status reports and feedback on projects. JKL works hard to keep this option ever-present because it is important to treat clients as well as they treat you.

JKL is by no means a new player on the scene and has enjoyed both great success and notable accolades in its tenure. Earlier this year, JKL Technologies won the 2018 National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) excellence in business award, in the category of customer experience; JKL was also nominated this year by Toyota – one of its many valued clients – as an exemplary partner in the category of Class III supplier of the year from the Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council and has recently been named to the 2018 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies. Ireland admits he does not actively seek to win awards with JKL’s business approach, but it is nice to receive them – especially when supported by major clients – as validation and a natural by-product of the job the team does.

Ireland is proud to say that JKL continues to earn the business of new international clients on a regular basis, with a focus on top Fortune 500 companies. This wide reach of clients did not appear from nowhere, however, and Ireland is swift to point out that JKL’s success is the result of teamwork.

He cites the company’s employees as a fundamental key to its success. The company has about fifty employees across all its locations and is committed to creating a work environment that supports the internal vision of how JKL does business while keeping employees happy. A unified vision must be sought-after lest a company be doomed to fail, Ireland says.

A great deal of time and resource is spent to making sure employees feel that, when it comes to JKL, “It’s not just a job; it’s a career,” and that they are given all the tools needed to fulfill their responsibilities. Ireland admits that while it is nice to have clients knocking at your door to work with you, it is good too to have potential employees doing the same based on your reputation as a great employer, a fact in which he takes great pride.

With such high expectations for its customer service, JKL takes a great deal into consideration when selecting a new hire to represent it. Ireland mentions a great personality, being a team player, and senses of responsibility and dedication as crucial factors he looks for when considering a new employee. Intelligent and experienced people, he says, can be hard to locate but are indeed out there if you put the work in finding them, and the traits he looks for matter just as much as any technical skills a potential hire could bring with them.

Although JKL has two main focuses in its business model, Ireland says that the audio-visual side of the company is the busier one in today’s landscape. JKL markets its services to a wide variety of sectors, including automotive, biotechnology, insurance, and more, but more global companies are looking for aid in the audiovisual department, especially when it comes to conferencing needs. This leads to a challenge for JKL and other such companies in its field when it comes to the aggressive expansion of audiovisual technology. A.V. is growing at a rapid rate.

A further challenge can arise in advising clients properly about new technology, and as Ireland notes about a frequent piece of advice he shares with them, just because it is new does not mean it is better. He says that JKL is well prepared for these challenges. It has both supply from vendors and demand from clientele in its field, and it anticipates the needs of the clients as well as its vendors’ ability to provide equipment. JKL also notes that the relationships with its individual suppliers are important. It is no easy task to stay on top, but JKL strives to stay at the forefront of learning about new technologies.

In late August, JKL expanded its presence with a larger office in Dallas, Texas to take advantage of the city’s burgeoning reputation as a business hub. The new office represents the team’s ongoing commitment to its valued clients. This new move is something of a physical indicator of the approach toward business that has kept JKL thriving since the 1990s.

The company’s approach to customer service and a job well done is one that has gained it a great deal of standing and achievement. This is what JKL Technologies continues to bring to the table and what keeps its satisfied clientele coming back whenever they are in need.



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