Getting Real About Communication

Sensory Technologies
Written by Pauline Muller

Effective communication empowers people. Imagine a world where office communication technology becomes a seamlessly integrated extension of the everyday experience. Audio visual systems, visual collaboration, digital network displays and other corporate messaging solutions from Sensory Technologies are just that, and it is changing the way the market sees corporate communication.
This next-generation innovator believes that technology should be invisible. “For us, technology should never be the reason a meeting is ineffective or unproductive,” says Derek Paquin, principal of Sensory Technologies. Derek has been managing enterprises in the technology industry for over 25 years and is passionate about seeing clients succeed with the help of Sensory Technologies’ innovation.

“Instead, technology solutions should enhance the experience in an unobtrusive way,” he adds. The company has a cognitive psychologist specializing in experiential learning on its team and has a multitude of technology options that even come with sleek furniture integration and approval from fashionistas. At the other end of the spectrum, one can also find massive video walls that vary from three-dimensional to curved and everything in between, giving businesses what they need to get their message across successfully.

However, with technology changing at the speed of light, big investment in equipment, time and resources is never without trepidation. For most, understanding complex technology and software can be daunting, once new systems have been integrated and implemented and all the technical experts have left. We have all seen futile attempts by well-meaning computer professionals to translate tech-speak for someone unfamiliar with technology. “Just make it work!” is Joe Average’s standard response.

This is exactly why Sensory Technologies revolutionizes in-house communications with people’s comfort in mind. Its ADOPT™ program offers a vast number of services such as onsite audio-visual support, programming, technology management services, information technology (IT) support, video production services and project execution services. Sensory Technologies’ onsite representatives become part of a client’s company culture, supporting key management initiatives and adding value to the customer experience through its video production and content creation services. Moreover, clients note significant cost savings and an increase in demand, which of course makes getting this team to handle in-house and client communications an obvious choice.

Big players like Eli Lilly & Co., Elanco, Corning Inc., Rust-Oleum and scores of other well-respected stalwarts of the American business sector, a number of healthcare organizations and several higher education institutions all are clients. Sensory Technologies is reinventing customer support in phenomenal ways, and its ADOPT™ personnel has grown to over 25 percent of the company’s total workforce.

Messages can be easily missed, diluted or miscommunicated in poorly designed and implemented collaboration platforms and meeting spaces – such as conference rooms, training rooms and auditoriums. Organizations that are focused on improving overall corporate messaging look to Sensory Technologies to provide modern platforms beyond the usual.

FOCUS® is an enterprise grade cloud based digital signage-as-a-service solution that stores, schedules and distributes content to displays throughout a facility. These displays spread the messaging and video communications of executive and human resources announcements, security alerts, social media feeds, video testimonials, and more.

A development and sales team makes up about twenty employees, while the technical operations team provides support when and where it is needed. “Having upfront conversations with our clients is part of the process in how we support, manage, and maintain our relationships, long-term,” says Joe Mahurin, director of business development.

The company offers design engineers and solution architects who work with clients to determine the basic layout of what new hardware and software will look like. Additional consultative resources that improve these solutions even further are also available. For example, its psychology expert can work with the team to discover and clarify communicative intent, encourage change management empowerment strategies and help establish critical metrics that can be monitored. The project management team stays engaged throughout the entire process from start to finish, and everyone’s goal is to help clients successfully engage their new technology solutions.

The operations and implementation team includes in-house technicians who install hardware, while another team of technicians can remotely diagnose and manage the client’s system, as needed. The company also has a dedicated 24-hour Client Solution Center to monitor system performance after installation and proactively report metrics on overall system health to the customer.

Sensory Technologies seeks to help clients manage their technology as well as their long-term communication and collaboration goals for productivity and efficiency. “We see this as a customer’s success model that they hold long-term,” Joe says. Working with Sensory Technologies is a singularly personal experience where the same dedicated support staff is always on hand to help clients manage internal technology processes effectively.

Here, the entire team from management to support staff is collaborative and innovative, coming up with fresh, unique technology applications that solve clients’ problems and enhance user experiences in a big way. “We empower each other to make decisions. Our culture of one hundred percent accountability and continuous improvement allows us to help our partners become top achievers in their fields,” says Derek.

Using a solid grasp of how people prefer to interact with their technologies to achieve specific behavioral objectives, the company’s team of developers makes solutions designed for optimum results. A remote crew can study how clients work to help them communicate better while allowing clients to get on with the business that they know best.

“Sensory Technologies drives successful business outcomes. Everything we do – from our equipment design to our software solutions – everything is made with ease-of-use and the human experience at the forefront of its design and development goals,” says Derek. This includes environments where people are empowered by technology that serves them.

To achieve this, Sensory Technologies approaches technology design differently from its competitors. Hardware, programs, applications, and more are designed to ease communication and share learning in tangible, interactive ways. The company finds tools that can measurably advance specific communication-related outcomes, for instance, stories, interactions, conversations, presentations, or immersive experiences.

“For us, it is about taking a client from its current situation into the future that it envisions for itself with the help of quality technology solutions and support that add meaning to how a company operates,” says Derek.

The team specializes in asking the right questions to help clients attain the success that they deserve. At first glance, it may appear that Sensory Technologies simply sells equipment, technology, and integration services. However, it offers much more than that. Sensory Technologies prides itself on streamlining communication among both colleagues and devices. The results are vastly improved, modern interactions that get important messages across effectively and quickly.

The way Sensory Technologies achieves these outcomes are tried and tested. The company maximizes the potential of communication tools like video conferencing, collaboration spaces, digital signage, and virtual reality simulations. This, in turn, drives innovation, recognition, and production. The results are happy, informed collaborators and grateful clients, all thanks to holistically implemented technology that improves understanding and drives success.

It is widely accepted that the quality of an organization’s communication has a significant influence on the quality of its overall impact on its market. When everyone is on the same page, systems and processes flow more smoothly, fewer misunderstandings happen, and productivity improves. “Our technologies fuel organizational tasks and our strategies promote clarity and therefore engagement,” says Joe. As a result, this stimulates investor interest as clients have access to this data.

Sensory Technologies practices what it preaches within its organization. Leadership represents everyone, and accountability rates high. Proactive communication and information distribution go hand-in-hand with employee engagement and personal development. This approach underlines the company’s culture of innovation. “We love our people’s passion and drive to excel and transcend tradition. It really sets the company apart,” says Derek.

A big part of Sensory Technologies’ contribution to employee satisfaction is the time and effort it puts into matching people with their functions. The result is ultra-high effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Its clients’ vote of confidence is clear in its own steady growth as well as the company’s acquisitions.

Sensory Technologies is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company has a presence in over thirty cities throughout the United States and in Canada, while its international reach stretches across sixty countries.

This company operates in a market where developers and manufacturers are in a perpetual race against time to improve their offerings. “We protect our clients through our in-depth product knowledge. This means that we pull new components together, improve their experience by combining technologies, empower the user, and support its performance long-term,” says Joe. In this process, Sensory Technologies does not only become an extension of each client’s operation, but it also improves systems performance, longevity, and sustainability.

As such, the company takes research and development especially seriously and invests hugely in these fields. “Our clients are often surprised to learn that we also do a lot of research and development on how they successfully adopt visual communication technologies. For us, it stands to reason that if our clients are going to be satisfied with our products, we need to understand how they interact with them,” says Jacob S. Greene, marketing and lead generation manager. This trusted partner ensures that it remains nimble and able to advise customers on the best ways to achieve their communication goals, whether that is through improving presentation systems, real-time virtual interactions, streaming, immersive experiences or other ways.

Moving ahead, Sensory Technologies is committed to renewing the modern work environment by anticipating human behavior and interactive habits. It is especially focused on what drives successful communication in dynamic work situations where some or all contributors function remotely. The team expects a global movement toward more agile workspaces that can be personalized and a greater reliance on video communication, coupled with a diminished reliance on email. With a greater focus on more open means of communication, Sensory Technologies is set to change the way the world does business.



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