Providing Critical Solutions

Written by William Young

Systems integration firm Beacon Communications LLC specializes in critical communication that spans multiple business environments. The company has been in operation for more than twenty years and specializes in upgrading and streamlining the equipment that responds to emergency situations.
Beacon’s offices are scattered throughout the Midwest, with its corporate location in Englewood, Colorado. Further offices can be found in Montana (in Billings and Missoula), Minnesota (in Eagan and Rochester), and North and South Dakota (in Fargo and Rapid City). Beacon Communications recently acquired security firm PhotoScan Northwest Inc., adding both the company’s formidable local support in the state of Montana, as well as its established relationships and team. All told, Beacon’s roster of employees is around 140 people across all locations.

Beacon Communications operates in the healthcare, education, government, and commercial sectors. In a healthcare environment, a ‘code blue’ situation may be issued in a hospital, whereas, in education, a school may have to respond to emergencies like a natural disaster or an active shooter scenario on campus. Beacon’s president and Chief Executive Officer Brad Walsh finds that there are as many similarities in dealing with security solutions in these sectors as there are differences.

Walsh notes that security is very important to its customers, specifically with a Beacon customer like Denver Water which needs security cameras and access control for keeping track of such a vital resource. The needs of each scenario change based on the needs of the customer, but the primary consideration is to provide an effective and quick response to those in need.

For Beacon in the healthcare space, this usually entails providing clinical workflow technology that will decrease response times and that works on a large-scale platform. This can include anything from wireless phones to overhead paging systems, mass-notification systems, biometrics, and cameras.

As with any industry that depends on technology, Walsh says that systems integration is seeing a rapid evolution of its technology. This growth means that the markets in which it works are extremely competitive, and to attract both talent and customers, it must work hard to have the best solutions. Walsh admits that a challenge for the company is one of talent acquisition as the technology evolution continues. With unemployment at an all-time low in its territory, Beacon uses all the means at its disposal and has found positive results using solutions like web portals and employment agencies. Beacon works hard to make sure there are always enough knowledgeable people on staff to serve its customers.

Beacon’s commitment to customer service is one that extends throughout its work, and Walsh refers to it a core value. Service comes in many forms and means something different to each business division, and there is proper training for all service staff. As Walsh says, when a business like this is connected to so many solutions, many things can and will happen, and this is why after-hours support is vital.

He also says that a key driver to repeat business with any customer is to treat the service as a long-term investment, and Walsh says that when Beacon provides a solution to a customer, it is with them for life. This is a type of relationship breaks down barriers between customer and business and allows Beacon to provide the best value possible.

Coupled with Beacon’s approach to customer service is its attitude toward business partnerships. When it comes to maintaining successful alliances in technology solutions, Walsh says that a sense of openness, as well as a willingness to keep an open mind regarding advancements in technology, is essential in achieving a project’s desired result. He notes that one of the company’s largest partners, Chicago-based Rauland, is an example of this.

Beacon has been recently announced as Rauland’s newest partner for North Dakota, Minnesota, and western Wisconsin. In working with Rauland, which specializes in making products for clinical workflow and communication solutions, Walsh says that they do an excellent job in product planning with Beacon and at times asking for feedback from Beacon’s customers so that it may move forward on a solution enhancement.

Walsh notes that as the company and its field advance, companies like Beacon and Rauland must work hard to remain informed of the latest developments. One way this is done is by employing clinical trainers on staff, who can bring a unique perspective to the technology and solutions, much more so than an executive or salesperson might. This method of working together to achieve great results has made lasting partnerships that continue to be mutually successful.

Beacon proudly touts its network of partners across the country, as well as its connection to the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA). Walsh says that Beacon stays active in the NSCA because the association is a tremendous advocate for the industry, allowing members access to training, case studies, and salary reports, and it adds value to a company’s reputation. Along with partners and the NSCA, Beacon has invested in its marketing services, making good use of marketing campaigns as well as social media to market itself.

Beacon is also active in its community, with Walsh noting that it donates annually to efforts like the American Heart Association. Walsh finds the connection to the Midwestern community important to Beacon’s continued growth, as it looks to learn from the community about ways it can continue to provide solutions and how the community can benefit as a result.

As of this writing, Beacon has recently completed a project of which it is very proud. It has installed systems in a new thirteen-building campus for the Rocky Mountain Regional Veterans Affairs Medical Center, measuring at 1.2 million square feet, in Aurora, Colorado. This is the culmination of a five-year project. Walsh says that Beacon and its staff are proud to have successfully completed such a large-scale project, for their own sake and for the veterans who will be helped by the new clinical workflow technology and integrated communications systems.

This success is seen with other regular clients Beacon serves, such as Littleton Public Schools, which Walsh says is currently implementing a multi-year project to upgrade security technology and to tailor solutions to meet the needs of crisis management plans.

The company has experienced great success, but now is no time to rest. As Beacon continues to ride the aggressive growth of the industry, Brad Walsh notes that it is currently in the process of three major roll-outs of projects for the Hospital Corporation of America’s continental division. The three projects will serve the Rose Medical Center, the Medical Center of Aurora, and the Presbyterian Saint Luke’s Hospital with full nurse call upgrades. Walsh says this will take these hospitals away from dated technology and fully implement modern solutions.

Business is booming in the technology sector, and when it comes to crucial technology solutions, Beacon Communications’ customers can expect effective results combined with the steadfast support that has become this company’s hallmark for over two decades.



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