Guardian Service Industries
Written by Pauline Muller

Managing large properties successfully takes skill and often, huge amounts of patience, time and money. Until the first-class facility services giant, Guardian Services Industries, Inc. comes along.

Cleanliness is traditionally next to godliness, which means that a property’s presentation can be the differentiator between attracting clientele or not. That is why Guardian Services Industries, Inc. offers every service that any large building could need across eight main fields of expertise. These are topped off with professional training and sophisticated management systems that add tremendous value to an already comprehensive offering.

Trusted by some of the country’s greatest corporations and institutions, this dynamic company headquartered in New York City takes everything from changing light bulbs, polishing floors and employing top-notch concierges, to restoring buildings’ finishes and engineering off its clients’ hands in one fell swoop. This is one formidable team with hard-earned experience and a century of knowledge behind it.

A history of excellence
The privately owned company was established in 1918, and today, its management team prides itself on over 10 decades of shared expertise that includes design and large facility management and maintenance for structures such as airports. Bringing its services into the 21st century, the company employs environmentally friendly cleaning methods and materials, affording its staff a high level of training in all preferred methods and materials.

As one would expect from such an industry leader, Guardian’s experts are also certified according to the regulations set out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other respected associations such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and more.

Engineering solutions
Clients benefit from a well-staffed engineering and operations division that offers the services of a range of tradespeople, superintendents, and seasoned engineers. One of the great joys of working with the firm is that it does not embrace a one-size-fits-all model, making its flexibility and lateral approach to problem-solving two of its greatest assets. Clients’ needs are methodically mapped out and coupled with purpose-specific solutions.

The results are significant financial gains for the company’s clients, as maintenance experts implement diligent prevention strategies that ensure the longevity of buildings’ appearance, superstructures, and equipment.

It also offers a lighting and electrical division. With Guardian’s lighting management team in charge, the only light bulb moments its clients ever have are the kind that good ideas are made of. Its comprehensive lighting and electric offering covers everything from installation to globes, ballasts, repairs, and upgrades that include fixtures and structured maintenance – all complete with performance guarantees. The company even designs energy savings programs to suit individual clients’ needs.

Restore and recover
The company also specializes in building restoration, and its metal, stone and timber experts are always ready to step up to a challenge. This team is equipped to deal with private and commercial modern and historic buildings, as well as industrial facilities. In this field, its expertise is well-honed in working with ornamental metal, marble and wood restoration, including the finer skills such as professional finishes and polishing, along with clearing away graffiti and repairing damage caused by vandalism. The team even takes care of sculptures – a task that is best suited to skilled hands.

Clean as can be
When it comes to keeping large facilities sparkling clean, Guardian Service Industries’ impressive claim of servicing over 110 million square feet of high-end U.S. real estate speaks for itself. Again, the selection of buildings it services is as vast as its offering. Its busy team of magic makers can be found in shopping malls, offices, retail spaces, commercial institutions, schools and universities, amongst others. Its bespoke services stand up to even the worst messes, like post-construction cleaning. To make working with the company even more of a pleasure, clients can choose between having cleaning teams stationed at their premises, or letting them move on to their next gig – be it at night or during office hours.

This division doesn’t just deal with basic polishing and cleaning, however. It also takes care of those really big jobs like bathroom sanitizing and window cleaning. For really tall buildings, Guardian Service Industries’ fully certified professionals are geared and insured for cleaning even the biggest windows to a high sheen. As with all its services, the company makes no distinction between residential and commercial property and is equally happy to deal with metal and façade cleaning while it is at it. Whether high-rise or ground level, this team is equipped for success.

Of course, wherever humans go, pests follow, but that does not mean that poison-riddled spaces should follow as a result. With its Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, Guardian Service Industries assures its clients of a minimum pesticide approach to an environmentally responsible pest solution that safeguards customers’ properties against pest-related damage. This naturally includes servicing drains and chutes. Its exterminators are well-versed in successfully clearing and protecting buildings against bugs, rodents, and both flying and crawling insects.

Welcoming safety
As if all that is not comprehensive enough, Guardian Service Industries thought of a whole lot more to take care of – like security. And this is by no means an afterthought. With nearly 50 years’ experience in the security industry, clients’ safety needs are considered a top priority by the company. Its full-service selection of security professionals includes unarmed officers, fireguards, fire life safety directors, patrol units, and more.

Just as one thinks that it cannot get any better, Guardian Service Industries presents its clients with a front desk and concierge service as polished and efficient as the rest of its teams. The company has built a strong reputation for over-delivering on expectations, paying attention to detail and allowing clients to rest assured that everything is in good hands. This is possible thanks to quality training that prepares staff for all possible situations they could be faced with in the line of duty.

There is a lovely flourish to complete the deal. These professionals report for duty well-presented in Guardian Service Industries uniforms, ready and equipped to welcome even the most distinguished guests and clients with the warmest of welcomes.



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