March 2019

Rethinking Recycling the Simple WayMarck Industries

Rethinking Recycling the Simple Way

Marck Industries

The one thing that binds all of humankind is that we share this planet. It is our home. For now, at least, there is no planet B as an option if our own becomes uninhabitable. Marck Industries, of Cassville, Missouri, is doing its part in providing full-service, affordable, recycling services through its nine material recycling facilities in the Midwest, Louisiana, Texas, and Mexico.

Saving and Storing Energy with the Power of the SunHannah Solar

Saving and Storing Energy with the Power of the Sun

Hannah Solar

For businesses looking to save on their long-term energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint, solar energy is an attractive option. Headquartered in Georgia, Hannah Solar is a leader in America’s solar integration field. It provides its clients with top-tier engineering, products, installation, and service of solar arrays, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, energy storage systems and backup generators.

Talent, Tenacity and TrustTampa Armature Works

Talent, Tenacity and Trust

Tampa Armature Works

We know not to judge a book by its cover, and it is also not wise to sum up a company’s capacity by its name alone. TAW, Inc. (TAW®), formerly Tampa Armature Works, is a great example of this. Armature motor repair makes up around twenty-five percent of the company’s business, but it has so much more to offer…

Success in the PipelineLiquiForce Services

Success in the Pipeline

LiquiForce Services

In the 1970s, the complex work of city sewage regulation and administration was revolutionized when no-dig, cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) hit the civil engineering scene. This method of rehabilitation inserts a resin-soaked felt liner into the sewer and expands it to fit the form of the existing host pipe. After curing the liner, the municipality is left with a fully rehabilitated pipe that will last another 50-100 years. Another key feature of this method is that it ensures that there are no joints or seams in the finished liner. This is ideal as traditional joint repair would hamper flow capacity and cause damage to paving through digging…

A Fruitful Family BusinessLeger & Son

A Fruitful Family Business

Leger & Son

Although Leger & Son, Inc. was established in 2001 and is a relatively small outfit with one home office and fifteen employees, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality service and product. Founder and Treasurer C.M. ‘Buddy’ Leger has kept this business within the family since its inception.

Exceeding ExpectationsChes’s Famous Fish and Chips

Exceeding Expectations

Ches’s Famous Fish and Chips

Ches’s Famous Fish and Chips was established in 1951 by Ches Barbour. Now with seven locations across Newfoundland, this third-generation, family-run chain of restaurants serves mouth-watering, quality food that exceeds expectations, and a warm Newfoundland welcome when visitors walk through the door.

A Premium World Cuisine Food Brand Dedicated to Social Responsibility & Providing Clean Label Better-for-you Products for all Americans and BeyondSaffron Road

A Premium World Cuisine Food Brand Dedicated to Social Responsibility & Providing Clean Label Better-for-you Products for all Americans and Beyond

Saffron Road

Saffron Road, a leader in the natural and organic food industry, produces a wide range of globally-inspired Halal-certified products crafted with pure, ethically sourced, clean label ingredients. Ranging from frozen entrees to simmer sauces, it leads the food industry in the natural/organic category through continuous innovation and the rigorous standards it adheres to.

Beauty in a BottleVerescence

Beauty in a Bottle


Luxury packaging designer and manufacturer Verescence is no stranger to the glitz and glamour of the world’s greatest cosmetic and fashion houses with a clientele that includes Estée Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Revlon, and Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH), to name only a few. With this star-studded cast of clients, the company reaches nearly every corner of the globe.

Providing Packaging Peace of MindCarolina Industrial Resources

Providing Packaging Peace of Mind

Carolina Industrial Resources

Technically, Carolina Industrial Resources, Inc. (CIR) of St. Augustine, Florida provides flexible packaging products and services. The company takes orders from clients, then utilizes a network of manufacturers to produce packaging which is shipped directly to the customer.

What this family-owned-and-operated company really offers, however, is peace of mind.

On the Cutting Edge of Vacuum BlendingBlendtec

On the Cutting Edge of Vacuum Blending


The founder of Blendtec, Tom Dickson, has approximately 900,000 subscribers and 500,000,000 views for his viral “Will It Blend?” videos from over eleven years ago. Viewers delighted in the visual carnage as he blended various heavy duty items, such as cellphones and marbles, to demonstrate the power and integrity of Blendtec products. The videos became a marketing campaign which did wonders for the company’s growing reputation.

A Commitment to Faith, Family, Community and InnovationHoney Bee Manufacturing

A Commitment to Faith, Family, Community and Innovation

Honey Bee Manufacturing

On a farm in Bracken, Saskatchewan in the 1970s, brothers Greg and Glenn Honey were a couple of determined young farmers who did not let anything stop them from doing what needed to get done. During the winter of 1978-1979, they spent eighteen to twenty hours a day building a giant tractor from the ground up because they needed something bigger for their farm. It was a 500-horsepower beast that was larger than anything on the market.



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