May 2019

Ready to Work and Grow in the Mid-South

Mississippi County, AR

Mississippi County, Arkansas is unique in many ways. Located in the far eastern part of the state, it is named for the famous Mississippi River that runs along its eastern border, separating it from the State of Missouri. The county of approximately 45,000 residents is also the first ACT® Work Ready Community in its state, and is ready to grow...

Live, Work, Play and MoreTown of Chelmsford, MA

Live, Work, Play and More

Town of Chelmsford, MA

The Town of Chelmsford in Middlesex County is near Boston yet distant enough to have many charms that make it the perfect blend of past and present. The town was incorporated in 1655 and is named after Chelmsford in Essex, England. It retains its beautiful feel to this day as it embraces the future.

The Land of OpportunityRedevelopment and Economic Opportunity Department of Manatee County

The Land of Opportunity

Redevelopment and Economic Opportunity Department of Manatee County

In May of 2018, Business in Focus wrote about the Redevelopment and Economic Opportunity Department (REO) of Manatee County in the state of Florida. The focus was on job creation and incentive programs. The county’s population is growing rapidly, and the cost of housing is skyrocketing; however, new development initiatives include affordable housing and plenty of land to work with in and around Fort Manatee. We spoke with REO Director Geri Lopez and Manatee County Economic Development Manager Karen Stewart.

Celebrating Louisiana CultureThe Allen Parish Tourist Commission

Celebrating Louisiana Culture

The Allen Parish Tourist Commission

For those seeking a taste of the great outdoors, Allen Parish is beyond compare. For the hunters and anglers, Dry Creek Ranch provides 1500 acres of pheasant, quail, and red stag deer hunting, as well as a 30 acre stocked lake for fishing bass. Anyone looking for an extended stay will find lodging, as the ranch offers a number of cabins and rooms in the main lodge for an overnight trip, and the Ouiska Chitto Creek offers up some big fish as well.

Where a Great Lifestyle Meets Exceptional BeautyCity of West Bend, WI

Where a Great Lifestyle Meets Exceptional Beauty

City of West Bend, WI

Growing along the western bend of the Milwaukee River is what earned the City of West Bend, Wisconsin, its descriptive name. There is a very good reason why the hearty and welcoming City of West Bend made it onto’s list of the thirty ‘coolest American cities’ in 2017. With no shortage of character, charm, and culture, this must be one of the most wholesome places in which anyone could ever wish to live.

Opening Up the Work Space to New Visions of EfficiencyHLW International

Opening Up the Work Space to New Visions of Efficiency

HLW International

It’s an exciting time to be in workplace design and architecture: technology is rapidly advancing, and multi-generational clients are pushing the ideas of the traditional workplace. HLW International is working at the forefront of this dynamic shift. In May of 2019, Construction in Focus sat down with Managing Partner John Gering, catching up on the firm’s latest projects and to discuss how technology is changing the industry.

Over 60 Years of InnovationMerry X-Ray

Over 60 Years of Innovation

Merry X-Ray

Merry X-Ray (MXR) supplies medical diagnostic imaging equipment and services for a wide range of equipment types including those for computerized axial tomography (also known as CAT or CT scan), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, and more. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California.

A Look at the Biggest Trade Show in GamingE3

A Look at the Biggest Trade Show in Gaming


The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is a long-running trade event for the computer and video game industry, one that has become perhaps the most notable of its kind. The event began in 1995 as a response to the burgeoning growth of the gaming industry and was started by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), a trade association established to oversee the gaming industry in the wake of controversies surrounding violent and mature content in video games.


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