October 2019

Heating for the Long Haul


Counterintuitive as it may seem at first, wood energy is becoming one of Canada’s hottest and most affordable go-to fuels when it comes to the effective heating of indoor human habitats. A leader in this field, Biothermic brings Austrian brilliance to modern wood burning across the country.

Saving Time and Money

AES Drilling Fluids

Specially engineered and formulated fluid systems perform a vital role in oilfield drilling, so AES Drilling Fluids, LLC (AES) provides a full range of products used across U.S. shale plays. The company’s suite of innovative products and systems saves its customers time and money.

The Freshest TasteNorthampton Growers Produce Sales

The Freshest Taste

Northampton Growers Produce Sales

For Calvert Cullen, working the soil is in his blood. “My family came here from Scotland in 1680, and, of course, we’ve been in agriculture the whole time,” says Cullen, co-owner along with Steve McCready of Northampton Growers Produce Sales, Inc. “I came to Northampton Growers in 1990, and Steve was at Northampton growers starting in 1980.”

80 Years of Excellence in Farming

80 Years of Excellence in Farming

Eighty years of history is certainly something to brag about – especially since the VanSingel Farms business has been in the same area of Grant, Michigan since its inception. This third-generation, family-run leader in fresh produce has been a staple of quality for decades. This year has been exciting and full of healthy-looking crops, and we spoke with Cal VanSingel, one of the three brothers who own and run the company, to find out more.

Open for BusinessMontana West Economic Development

Open for Business

Montana West Economic Development

The rugged, romantic beauty of Montana has forged a special place in the heart of America. Now Flathead County, Montana, is forging a special place for America’s business in Montana, with its pioneer tradition of hard work and business support at every level.

Developing a Workforce for the Technology SectorCumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce

Developing a Workforce for the Technology Sector

Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce

Forsyth County in the state of Georgia has a current population of approximately 235,000 people and is rapidly growing at an average of 4.27 percent every year. It is consistently among the top one hundred fastest-growing counties in the United States, and this is driven primarily by well-educated, affluent immigrants from India moving into the community to work in the advanced technology centers.

Say Yes to WeatherfordWeatherford Economic Development

Say Yes to Weatherford

Weatherford Economic Development

People are indeed saying ‘Yes!’ to Weatherford, the fastest-growing city in the U.S., which according to the U.S. Census Bureau grew by 1.6 percent in 2017 alone. Weatherford, (population 11,832) is located in western Oklahoma’s Custer County, fifty miles from Oklahoma City on Interstate 40, with the famed Route 66 passing right through it. This is a safe community that offers small-town friendliness along with a pro-business attitude.

Ripe with OpportunityCraven County, NC

Ripe with Opportunity

Craven County, NC

Craven County, North Carolina, is a coastal Atlantic community rich in history, economically diverse and ripe with opportunity. The Craven 100 Alliance, uniting the public and private sectors, is working to build the community an economic development engine.



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