2017 | In Focus | November 2017Natural Advantages

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

Natural Advantages

The Transylvania Economic Alliance is the professional economic development organization for North Carolina’s Transylvania County, the city of Brevard, and the town of Rosman. The alliance is unusual in that it represents a collaborative effort of both private and public sector organizations. Having government and key community leaders work collaboratively on economic development has proven to be a very successful strategy for Transylvania County.

2017 | In Focus | November 2017Coming Together to GrowYork County, NE

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

Coming Together to Grow

York County, NE

The York County Development Corporation was established in 1996 and during the past twenty-one years it has been very responsive the business needs in its community. Its dedication to working as a cohesive team is expressed by its current tagline: “Coming together to grow.” It has parks, events, programs and recreational activities for every member of the community and York County is a safe and small community; it has all of the amenities of the city with the quality of life of a rural community.

2017 | In Focus | November 2017Pride in its Past, Faith in its FutureWaseca County, MN

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

Pride in its Past, Faith in its Future

Waseca County, MN

Waseca County, with its population of close to 19,000 people, is comprised of the four cities of Janesville, New Richland, Waldorf, and Waseca. The county seat of Waseca has a population of approximately 9,500. The county is situated in the Southern Minnesota Lakes Region in south central Minnesota and has the U.S. highways 13 running north to south and 14 running east to west. Highway 14 intersects with Interstate 35 at the city of Owatonna, seventeen miles east of Waseca. The Interstate 35 takes commuters to the state capital of Saint Paul and its adjacent most populous city Minneapolis, about an hour from Waseca.

2017 | In Focus | November 2017Authentic FloridaCity of Fort Myers, FL

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

Authentic Florida

City of Fort Myers, FL

The city of Fort Myers in the state of Florida is known as the “City of Palms.” It has approximately eighty thousand residents, while Lee County has approximately six hundred and sixty thousand residents. However, Fort Myers is projected to have at least two hundred thousand residents by the year 2037, making it one of the fastest growing municipalities in the United States.

2017 | In Focus | October 201730 Years of Thermoforming ExpertiseGeneral Plastics, Inc.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

30 Years of Thermoforming Expertise

General Plastics, Inc.

As a manufacturing process, thermoforming boasts many cost, aesthetic and performance advantages over other manufacturing processes. Thermoforming consist of heating plastic sheet to a precise temperature point where it is pliable. Then it is quickly formed into the desired part shape using vacuum or pressure forming techniques. Once the part is vacuumed down on the mold, water running through the aluminum tool is used to cool the material down to permanently set the final part geometry.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017A New Twist on a Classic ConceptWaxy's Modern Irish Bar

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

A New Twist on a Classic Concept

Waxy's Modern Irish Bar

Arguably, there are more Irish bars in North America than any other themed establishments. It is a staple of any town but particularly present in Massachusetts, where Waxy’s Modern Irish Bar is as authentic as it gets. The food, of course, includes Irish fare to go along with pub favorites, but there is so much more to Waxy’s. It is an Irish pub that strives to be a genuine representation of modern Ireland. Business in Focus spoke with Director of Marketing & Events Julie Doherty about this rapidly expanding concept.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017A Shared PassionThe Matador

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

A Shared Passion

The Matador

The Matador – a restaurant known for its Mexican cuisine and extensive tequila bar – has been offering its customers a unique experience and quality food ever since its inception. From its beautiful works of art to its décor and atmosphere, its owners have put their passion to work, and their hearts into creating this one-of-a-kind establishment.

2017 | In Focus | October 2017Old-World Charm Meets Fresh Pub TrendsThe Pig ‘n’ Whistle Group

2017 | In Focus | October 2017

Old-World Charm Meets Fresh Pub Trends

The Pig ‘n’ Whistle Group

The Pig ‘n’ Whistle Group has been serving up good cheer, great food and drink and friendly service at a series of Irish-style pubs and restaurants for decades. The group operates thirteen locations in total, a dozen in Manhattan and one in Dublin. While these locations vary in décor, menus and ambiance, they aim to blend old-world Irish charm with contemporary food and drink trends.


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