2017 | In Focus | November 2017Turnkey SolutionsProcessBarron

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

Turnkey Solutions


ProcessBarron provides engineering, manufacturing and turnkey installation services to all types of industries including pulp and paper, power, biomass, steel, cement, and lime. It primarily constructs air handling systems and bulk material handling systems to assist mechanical processes that involve fabrication.

2017 | In Focus | November 2017Advanced Intermodal Equipment for All NeedsPratt Industries

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

Advanced Intermodal Equipment for All Needs

Pratt Industries

Skillful engineering, state-of-the-art designs, quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service are just a few of the hallmarks that have made Pratt Industries, Inc. a true American success story. The business was created by Bob Pratt, working with his son Bill and began with a vision to work diligently and become one of the best-known manufacturers of advanced intermodal equipment in the world. More than forty years later, the company is still growing.

2017 | In Focus | November 2017An Established Wisconsin Company Continues its Leading Edge Fluid Power Innovation

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

An Established Wisconsin Company Continues its Leading Edge Fluid Power Innovation

Fluid System Components’ (FSC) products range from motors to pumps, air regulators, gear boxes, cylinders, valves and compressors. The company also offers engineering support and in-house and on-site repairs, among other services. Industrial markets served include food and beverage, heavy industry, machine tools, medical and paper machinery. Mobile sectors served include aerial devices, defense, snow and ice removal, truck equipment, fire/airport/emergency, construction and agriculture.

2017 | In Focus | November 2017The Latest in Machine AutomationiAutomation

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

The Latest in Machine Automation


iAutomation is a distributor of industrial automation products. However, over the course of its history, the company has developed an expertise that has enabled it to form mutually beneficial partnerships with clients far beyond the typical distributor relationship. “Our mission is to partner with customers and suppliers,” says iAutomation Marketing Director Josh Walters, “and to help enable innovation within their business because when they grow, we grow.”

2017 | In Focus | November 2017One of Pennsylvania’s Fastest-Growing CountiesFranklin County, PA

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

One of Pennsylvania’s Fastest-Growing Counties

Franklin County, PA

Franklin County lies about fifty miles south of Harrisburg and just ninety miles northwest of the Baltimore-Washington area, which makes it perfect for a range of industries and highly desirable for companies’ transportation and logistics needs. The county attracts both new and established companies for many reasons, from a business-friendly climate to its location on busy Interstate 81 in south-central Pennsylvania, which is nothing less than ideal for growth and development.

2017 | In Focus | November 2017Serving Communities for the Advancements of AllThe Southern States Millwright Regional Council

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

Serving Communities for the Advancements of All

The Southern States Millwright Regional Council

The Southern States Millwright Regional Council (SSMRC) is a valuable resource for the industries it serves. The SSMRC is made up of approximately 5,600 skilled millwrights, journeymen and apprentices across eleven southern states from North Carolina to Texas. The SSMRC was founded to serve the needs of its partnering contractors, end users, and their members, who are widely considered to be the best in the industry.

2017 | In Focus | November 2017The ‘King Coal’ Region Seeks to DiversifyGreene County, Pennsylvania

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

The ‘King Coal’ Region Seeks to Diversify

Greene County, Pennsylvania

Coal is king in Greene County, Pennsylvania, and for decades has been the basis of the county’s expansive industrialization. In fact, a festival in honor of coal was launched in the county in the 1950s and is still held today. Coal and natural gas underpinned Greene County’s economy for decades, and while there are still mines, natural gas facilities, river, rail, turnpike and interstate transportation, as well as unparalleled power infrastructure in Greene, the county – which is as rich in history as it is in resources – is eager to use these assets, the supply chain and business acumen to diversify the economy for future prosperity.

2017 | In Focus | November 2017The Treasure of the ValleyDRIVE

2017 | In Focus | November 2017

The Treasure of the Valley


The counties of Montour and Columbia are located in the heart of America’s Susquehanna Valley. These neighboring counties of Central Pennsylvania boast a low unemployment rate (sitting at four percent as of June 2017), many booming businesses, and a new organization dedicated to help them create and retain family-sustaining jobs.


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