September 2022

An Industry for the Good of AllNational Hemp Association

An Industry for the Good of All

National Hemp Association

The National Hemp Association (NHA) is a non-profit organization that advocates for and educates all who have a collective interest in the strength and viability of the hemp industry in the United States, which now represents an impressive global market valued at $15 trillion and growing.

Celebrating Two Decades of Green Freight EffortsSmartWay

Celebrating Two Decades of Green Freight Efforts


SmartWay is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program dedicated to improving fuel efficiency and sustainability in freight supply chains. The concept for SmartWay was developed in 2002, when the EPA collaborated with 15 charter partners, as well as the American Trucking Associations, to developing a voluntary “green freight” program, which continues to seek greater efficiency and lower emissions from the logistics, trucking, and freight hauling sectors.

Ripples Today, Waves Tomorrow?The Growing Presence of the Small Bank

Ripples Today, Waves Tomorrow?

The Growing Presence of the Small Bank

Joining tiny, online-only banks is a growing trend amongst Gen Zs and Gen Ys. In fact, just as this writer came to think that using ‘indie banking’ to describe these small online banks could be an over-extension of its original use—for independent moviemakers and musicians—I discovered an app of the same name offering banking solutions to gig workers. Enough said.

Building the Future With Innovation and SustainabilityPeterborough & the Kawarthas, Ontario

Building the Future With Innovation and Sustainability

Peterborough & the Kawarthas, Ontario

With stunning scenery to appreciate both en route and at the destination, Peterborough & the Kawarthas marries natural beauty with a thriving and vibrant city. Conveniently located between major city centres Toronto and Ottawa and the northeastern United States, Peterborough & the Kawarthas also boasts the Trent-Severn Waterway, a National Historic Site of Canada and one of the world’s best integrated navigation systems complete with numerous marinas and lock stations for those choosing to arrive via boat. The area is poised for sustainable growth, setting the stage to become the most innovative and sustainable community and economy in Ontario. In Peterborough & the Kawarthas, sustainable prosperity is possible.

A Hub for DevelopmentTown of Enfield, Connecticut

A Hub for Development

Town of Enfield, Connecticut

Home to 42,000 people and over 3,000 businesses, Enfield, Connecticut is the hub of the Hartford-Springfield interstate area. “It is the largest commercial and economic base for this north central region,” says Town Manager Ellen Zoppo-Sassu.

Industry ExpertsArtizan Finishings

Industry Experts

Artizan Finishings

Artizan Finishings specializes in the installation of Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS), architectural moldings, stone veneer, and cornice molding. As genuine craftsmen with years of knowledge under their belt, the team makes it their mission to provide quality work and takes great pride in their stellar customer service.

More Than Just a Fresh Lick of PaintJohn W. Egan Co. Inc.

More Than Just a Fresh Lick of Paint

John W. Egan Co. Inc.

Fresh paint expertly applied takes more than any layperson may at first imagine. Located in Newton, Massachusetts, John W. Egan Co. Inc. is trusted by industry leaders for everything from exceptional architectural finishes to heavy industrial coatings on an impressive range of projects. Over the years, the team has become well-versed in providing paintwork for educational institutes, concert halls, art galleries, pharmaceutical facilities, historical restorations, power plants, wastewater and water treatment facilities, chemical manufacturing plants, and more. In the process, it has developed a reputation for quality and excellent service.

Celebrating a Milestone with New Products and Big GoalsPerformance Plastics Ltd.

Celebrating a Milestone with New Products and Big Goals

Performance Plastics Ltd.

Performance Plastics Ltd. (PPL) of Cincinnati, Ohio marked its fortieth anniversary this year as a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance thermoplastic components. The company works with specialized polymers and tight tolerances, and follows rigorous quality assurance protocols. It anticipates big growth shortly, based on its wealth of experience and cutting-edge products such as EnduroSharp® aerospace maintenance tools.

Cleaning up Clean Energy SolutionsRegO Products

Cleaning up Clean Energy Solutions

RegO Products

With a broad range of flow-control components and engineered-to-order applications, including a wide array of valves, pressure regulators, and safety devices for mission-critical applications using gases in liquid form, RegO Products offers peace of mind that equipment will perform optimally, safely, and reliably time and time again.



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