August 2022

Building Arizona’s EconomyArizona Association for Economic Development

Building Arizona’s Economy

Arizona Association for Economic Development

Arizona has a remarkable track record when it comes to economic development. In fact, the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) recently named the Greater Phoenix Economic Council the top economic development organization in the entire world. “We’ve got top notch talent,” says Arizona Association for Economic Development (AAED) Executive Director Carrie Kelly.

Compelling Advantages for Incoming BusinessesCity of Chandler, AZ

Compelling Advantages for Incoming Businesses

City of Chandler, AZ

Founded in 1912, the City of Chandler is the fourth largest city in Arizona, with over 280,000 residents. The city’s Economic Development Director, Micah Miranda, says that Chandler has been known for over 100 years as being a community of innovation, citing the city’s long history as a destination for advanced manufacturing that dates back to the 1960s.

Sunny Skies AheadTown of Gilbert, AZ

Sunny Skies Ahead

Town of Gilbert, AZ

In recent years, the Town of Gilbert, Arizona has experienced explosive growth while earning an enviable reputation as a productive, low-crime community with many charms. Once a sleepy agricultural community, the booming town is now home to over 271,000 residents. Its municipal government works hard to assist companies and maintain growth through careful planning and strategic investments.

Optics, Aerospace, Defense, and MoreTown of Sahuarita, AZ

Optics, Aerospace, Defense, and More

Town of Sahuarita, AZ

Less than 30 years after it was incorporated, the Town of Sahuarita has become a force to be reckoned with in the State of Arizona. In the region known as ‘Optics Valley’—a fitting nickname, as there are indeed many optics companies in the area, coupled with the advanced and renowned optics research coming out of the University of Arizona—Sahuarita is just fifteen minutes by car from Tucson.

Good People, Good BusinessPinal County, AZ

Good People, Good Business

Pinal County, AZ

Located at the center of the Sun Corridor between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, and home to over 439,000 residents, Pinal County comprises both mountains and deserts, and boasts a wealth of economic sectors including copper mining, manufacturing, distribution, and agriculture.

An Arizona OasisCity of Tempe, AZ

An Arizona Oasis

City of Tempe, AZ

Tempe is an oasis in the Arizona desert. Known for its unexpected lake, this community of 190,000 also stands out for its livability, innovation, and welcoming spirit, creating a destination for leading-edge industries and people looking for a place to call home.

Laidback Lifestyle Meets OpportunityCochise County Economic Development

Laidback Lifestyle Meets Opportunity

Cochise County Economic Development

Cochise County, Arizona delivers a generous range of growth and development opportunities due to its low taxes, affordable commercial space, land availability, low cost of living, quality healthcare and education, convenient access to railways and Interstate 10, and an educated, bilingual workforce. Nestled high in the mountains, this rural community of 125,447 people enjoys a mild climate and a wealth of outdoor activities and destinations within a stunning western landscape, from hiking and mountain biking to water sports in Parker Canyon Lake, to vineyards and community festivals.

Prioritizing Community and Quality of Life in the Course of Rapid GrowthCity of Welland, ON

Prioritizing Community and Quality of Life in the Course of Rapid Growth

City of Welland, ON

After a decade of steady growth, the City of Welland, Ontario is at last beginning to receive the attention it deserves. Throughout the pandemic, people continued to flock to the area for its space and amenities combined with its proximity to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and New York State. Welland is located in the Regional Municipality of Niagara in Southern Ontario, only twenty minutes from the world-renowned Niagara Falls.

Preserving Cajun CountryAllen Parish’s Leatherwood Museum

Preserving Cajun Country

Allen Parish’s Leatherwood Museum

The Leatherwood Museum is a quaint, small-town treasure nestled in Louisiana’s Cajun country along the Myths and Legends Byway, a scenic drive based on true stories, ghosts, and tall tales. Visitors who meander along the region’s back roads will enjoy an authentic glimpse into the unique culture and heritage of Allen Parish.

Driven by TechnologyLeck Waste Services

Driven by Technology

Leck Waste Services

Leck Waste Services has been family-owned-and-operated since 1971. Launched by a determined, entrepreneurial-minded father and son team, the once humble startup now boasts 86 employees and 60 trucks operating daily throughout a sizable portion of Pennsylvania. The company provides a full suite of residential, commercial, and municipal services as well as complete compactor services, portable toilets, and shredding services.

Sweeping the American Midwest: 30 Years in Sanitation EquipmentRNOW, Inc.

Sweeping the American Midwest: 30 Years in Sanitation Equipment

RNOW, Inc.

While the sparkling cities of the United States may be the envy of many municipalities and citizens around the world, the cleanliness can often be tougher to achieve than many people may realize. That is because basic sanitation and service delivery partially hinge on specialized heavy-duty vehicles that make it possible to remove refuse and keep a general sense of order in urban areas. In North America, standards are high as droves of committed residents work day and night to keep it that way.

Installation Solutions that Make the Difficult EasyAIM National

Installation Solutions that Make the Difficult Easy

AIM National

For over forty years, AIM has provided FE&S (Foodservice, Equipment and Supplies) clients with a seamless installation process, from equipment shipment through to completion. The Columbus, Ohio-based business handles a wide variety of installation services that include commercial refrigeration, commercial ventilation systems, warewashing, cooking, and more! The team has completed over 12,000 installations across the United States, and has satisfied customers including a long list of big-name brands, from chain restaurants and well-known universities to retail giants and sports stadiums.


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