November 2022

Hemp for HealthGreen Wellness Life

Hemp for Health

Green Wellness Life

Green Wellness Life distributes a wide array of cannabis-based goods, used primarily for health and healing. None of its wares—sold online and at a retail outlet in Caledonia, Michigan—will get you high.

Built to LastLanau Industries

Built to Last

Lanau Industries

Martin Rondeau founded Lanau Industries in his hometown, Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Quebec. The concept took off when Mr. Rondeau and his small team designed and built his first truck body in his humble welding shop and recognized that he was onto something. That dump body still runs to this day, nearly two decades later.

Sorting It Out – EuroSort Makes it Simple, Safe and AccurateEuroSort

Sorting It Out – EuroSort Makes it Simple, Safe and Accurate


Dedicated to building sorting equipment that promise industry-best levels of accuracy and precision, EuroSort boasts products with the smallest discharge space possible—up to 50 percent smaller than competing technologies—and a reputation for producing small, effective, dependable, and affordable machines that can operate continuously to produce exceptional outcomes.

Doing the Right ThingBell and Howell

Doing the Right Thing

Bell and Howell

Technology-enabled field services company Bell and Howell services a wide range of automation equipment for multiple original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and markets across North America. We spoke to the company a year ago, reporting on how the Durham, North Carolina-based business helps customers increase efficiency and reduce operational costs through its comprehensive solutions in retail, grocery, pharmacy click-and-collect, automation, and production mail. This month, we sat down with senior executive and grocery commerce expert James Hermanowski to learn more about the company’s work to fight food insecurity through food bank technology.

The Economics of InfluenceHow Social Media has Redefined Marketing

The Economics of Influence

How Social Media has Redefined Marketing

The world of social media is like ever-shifting sands. No sooner had the world become almost blasé about the global reach that the internet afforded everyone from local school students busking on YouTube to multinational corporations shipping specialist parts to technicians in Africa than we had to figure out the difference between brand ambassadors and influencers.



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