April 2019

At the Heart of the Food IndustryFord Brothers

At the Heart of the Food Industry

Ford Brothers

Ford Brothers has been a part of the Western New York food industry for many years. The company is celebrating its seventy-fifth year in business, and this landmark anniversary coincides with record growth. The company’s success is not down to one particular product or decision but is based on the diversity and skill of everyone involved.

A Commitment to Caring for the LandOkray Family Farms

A Commitment to Caring for the Land

Okray Family Farms

Rainfall doubled in Wisconsin over the past two years. While the rain was pouring down in massive sheets in Wisconsin, fires were blazing across much of California. These changes in climate are impacting the flora and fauna across the U.S. Climate change remains the number one threat to global food systems.
So how is your food supply being impacted by climate change?

A Rising Star in the Automotive IndustryXfinity Freight Systems

A Rising Star in the Automotive Industry

Xfinity Freight Systems

Xfinity Freight Systems Inc. is a domestic and international automotive transportation and logistics company operating out of Warren, Michigan. The company serves clients across several countries, transporting automotive freight via ground to and from suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. Clientele includes automakers General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the ‘big three’ of the automotive industry.

Modern Logistics for Modern NeedsStar Cartage

Modern Logistics for Modern Needs

Star Cartage

Star Cartage is a transport, supply chain, and logistics company, hailing from Toledo, Ohio. Customer care and attention to detail are vital, but its true strength lies in its ability to know what the client needs before they do. We spoke with its Chief Executive Officer Dennis Rutherford and Chief Operating Officer Joe Collins.

An Advanced Fleet Servicing the Health Science and Automotive Industries

An Advanced Fleet Servicing the Health Science and Automotive Industries

Pegasus Transportation provides a vast array of logistics services, specializing in Just In Time, temperature-sensitive deliveries. The two founders, Dan Lockard and Gary Hanke, had expertise in separate fields and their connections allowed the company to specialize in both the automotive and pharmaceutical industries when it was incorporated in December of 1987.

Raising the BarLavalle Transportation (LTI)

Raising the Bar

Lavalle Transportation (LTI)

The idea of the truck driver has reached a level of romanticism in modern culture: a hard-working fleet of men and women who drive through the night from one end of the country to the other, hauling the necessities of life along with them. While our culture and media tend to amplify the truth of those we admire there is no denying that the workforce behind Lavalle Transportation (LTI) strives to meet the expectations of a demanding public.

Going the Extra Mile with InnovationInnovative Transportation Services

Going the Extra Mile with Innovation

Innovative Transportation Services

Innovative Transportation Services (ITS) is an asset-based transportation provider based in Buffalo, New York. ITS is a subsidiary of Sonwil Logistics, which has been serving western New York State and the surrounding area for over 35 years. Taking pride in its core value of innovation, ITS doesn’t shy away from new technology, even if it means being among the first users.

Focusing on PeopleICAT Logistics

Focusing on People

ICAT Logistics

Now in its 26th year of business, ICAT Logistics has grown from a small outfit into a global player and top Baltimore-area workplace. ICAT Logistics has a total of 18 locations around the United States with several partners located in Asia. The global logistics solutions provider focuses on people: serving clients by turning their problems into solutions, while supporting and developing their teams internally.

On-Time Delivery with Safety Top of MindGemini Transport

On-Time Delivery with Safety Top of Mind

Gemini Transport

Professional truck drivers leave their egos at home and treat the road and those on it with respect, courtesy, and with safety in mind every time. This safety-mindedness and professionalism are the guiding principles that Gemini Transport has adopted for its drivers. The national freight trucking business, with headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, was founded by Goran Petkovich, who started out with two trucks as a general freight trucking company in 2002.

Three Generations of Innovation and IntegrityFraley & Schilling

Three Generations of Innovation and Integrity

Fraley & Schilling

American trucking company Fraley & Schilling Inc. (F&S) has worked with its suppliers to create a combination of trucking and hauling equipment that allows the company to take full advantage of the amount of payload it can move, which usually amounts to “ten to fifteen percent more than the average trucking company can handle,” says Executive Vice President Ryan Schilling. He believes that the key to the company’s growth has been forming its identity as “the premier lightweight fleet in America.”

Embracing Change

Embracing Change

Classic Freight Transport is based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia but operates across the U.S. and Canada. In an industry where time is of the essence and the stakes are high, this firm has carved out a place for itself as the preferred supplier of many of North America’s finest manufacturers.

Keeping Our World MovingMuñoz Trucking

Keeping Our World Moving

Muñoz Trucking

In our fast-paced, next-day-delivery world, we rarely stop to think of the colossal logistical apparatus at work. Trucks carry the vast majority of this freight, hauling seventy-one percent of all U.S. domestic tonnage in 2016 according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA). In the border city of El Paso, Texas, Muñoz Trucking is working hard to ensure its trucks and drivers keep moving and keep our economy going.

Aerodynamic and Environmentally FriendlyEco Flaps

Aerodynamic and Environmentally Friendly

Eco Flaps

I had no idea going into this interview with CFO Darron Ming and National Accounts Sales Representative Asa Hazelwood that mudflaps were so relevant to safety on our highways. Eco Flaps, based in Brentwood, Tennessee, is on a mission to save lives and make Class A vehicles on the road more environmentally sound and cost-efficient for drivers and trucking companies.

The Team that Keeps on Truckin’Hearn Trucking

The Team that Keeps on Truckin’

Hearn Trucking

Hearn Trucking LLC is a Texas-based, award-winning truckload and transportation services provider. The company offers bulk sand and cement hauling as well as refrigerated trucking and flatbed services, and has grown through reputation, performance, safety and long-standing relationships with both its drivers and customers.

Where Not a Minute is WastedFW Logistics

Where Not a Minute is Wasted

FW Logistics

American manufacturers, especially those in the food industry, know how hard it can be to fine-tune supply chain management. Finding logistics partners with enough space to use for overflow services can also be easier said than done, and high-quality, food-grade qualified storage can also be hard to come by.

A Tough Act to FollowCLN Worldwide

A Tough Act to Follow

CLN Worldwide

Global operators in mid and emerging markets know that their very existence depends on effective supply chain management, and CLN Worldwide is an international authority in the field of freight forwarding, with an impressive list of loyal customers that stand testimony to its long-term commitment to excellence. This company gets multi-modal import and export right, underwritten by the global giant Lloyd’s of London.

Keeping Strong in Washington StateBekins Northwest

Keeping Strong in Washington State

Bekins Northwest

Washington State-based Bekins Northwest offers residential, commercial, and international moving, as well as supplemental services. The company, founded in 1903, is the official mover of the Seattle Seahawks and continues to offer superior service for all its clients.



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